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China Claims Arunachal Pradesh Is Under Illegal Control Of India

Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian said that China never recognized Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India. He added that the region was a part of China’s south Tibet. This move has further escalated the tensions between the two countries. 

Geographically, Arunachal Pradesh is located in the North Eastern region of India which is surrounded by Tibet. It is situated along the Mcmahon line and shares international borders with Maynmar and Bhutan as well. India-China border lies at the north of McMahon line. Its total area is nearly 84,000 km2 and total population is estimated at 1.5 million.

The statement from China’s foreign ministry has come at a time when both countries are already involved in a serious military conflict at Ladakh border.

Does Arunachal Pradesh Belong To China?

Apparently China responded to an accusation made by the parliament member of Arunachal Pradesh (AP). Reportedly, 5 Indian citizens went missing in AP and the minister accused China of abducting them. He later tweeted that missing persons were found in China after the Indian Army confirmed with People’s Liberation Army (PLA) through a hotline

The Chinese spokesperson, Zhao did not respond to the allegations and did not confirm the hotline conversation. He responded by saying that China’s position on East China-India border and Southern Tibet was consistently clear and India wascontrolling the region illegally.

Here is a map of conflicted regions between India and China.

People Start To Vacate Their Village

Recent reports after China’s position revealed that the inhabitants near the McMahon line have vacated the Taksang village. It is situated almost 30 kms away from Arunachal Pradesh

This development indicates that the border tension between the two nuclear armed countries might escalate to a much higher level. 

Is India-China Border Dispute Beyond Resolution?

Relations between the two countries have gradually deteriorated ever since China accused Indian soldiers of crossing the Himalayan border illegally and firing warning shots at patrolling troops. India rejected the allegations and in turn accused Chinese soldiers of firing first and intimidating Indian soldiers during the Ladakh stand-off. Despite banning the use of arms in 1996 agreement, soldiers have often clashed at that border.

The Chinese correspondent for BBC affirmed in June that Zhao said both countries will try to defuse the situation with dialogue. However, incidents were reported at other border regions between the two countries as well. After India accused China of kidnapping 5 Indian citizens in AP, China accused India of trespassing Line of Actual Control (LAC) at the Pangong Lake and firing warning shots. PLA blamed India for tensing up the situation by violating the agreement. The two countries have fought only one war (1962) in which India suffered a humiliating defeat.

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