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Asim Azhar Brags about her Aunt Becoming Captain of British Royal Navy

Young Pakistani singer Asim Azhar is now making news for something other than his affair with Hania Amir. He was seen congratulating his aunt who just became a captain of the British Royal Navy. Azhar said that the Queen of England herself appointed his aunt and it was a moment of pride for the entire country.

Asim’s aunt Durdana Ansari is the first Muslim woman to achieve such a rank. The singer also shared some of the pictures together with his aunt.

Asim Azhar Confuses the Pakistani Public

As it was a commendable achievement, the public still wasn’t sure why Asim Azhar called it a proud moment for Pakistan. Ansari was a British citizen who received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2012 and recently got promoted.

Who is Durdana Ansari?

Durdana Ansari is a British entrepreneur, journalist, and activist for women’s empowerment. She has also worked as a radio presenter, charity director, and producer at BBC World Service. Ansari currently a Brand Ambassador to Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Kashmir. Recently on 8th July, she was promoted to the Honorary Captain of the British Navy.

Her most notable work includes interviewing politicians, earthquake victims in Kashmir, Refugees of Afghanistan, film stars, directors, and poets. Ansari led Pearl Education Foundation from 2006 – 2012 that taught functional English to British-Muslim women in terms of speaking, reading, writing, and computer skills. Apart from that she also helped women in building self-confidence and enhancing their quality of life to integrate into wider society.

Her leadership became the reason for the jobs of approximately 9,000 students and 700 volunteers. Queen Elizabeth II recognized her work with the ethnic minorities and awarded her with the Order of the British Empire.

No wonder why Asim Azhar was proud to call her aunt.

Others Muslims at Important Positions in UK

More and more Muslims have been taking important positions in the British scene. Recently, Hina Bokhari became the first-ever Pakistani Muslim woman to join the London Assembly. Sadiq Khan has been the Mayor of London since 2016 after serving as a Member of Parliament for Tooting from 2005 to 2016. Moreover, Sajid Javed is a Secretary of State for Health of the United Kingdom.

In the world of business, Javed Ahmad has been the CEO of Britain’s oldest Food and Beverage brand, Tate & Lyle. Zameer Choudrey also worked as a CEO at another huge brand BESTWAY, which is one of the largest family-owned businesses in the UK.

The Aunt Responds to Nephew

Durdana responded to the appraisal by Asim Azhar by saying that she was also proud of him. She praised the almighty Queen, the Lord of the seas who supported her, and her family who prayed for her.

Just like her aunt, Asim Azhar has also spoken for the minority groups in Pakistan. Last year during the wave of Anti-Shia protests in Pakistan, he worryingly requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice and action.

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