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Backup Computer Data using Google Drive

Google is introducing a new feature to allow users to backup computer data. The new app called Backup and Sync will let you create a backup of important files, and images. The feature will become available for both PC and Macintosh users later this month. Once you designate the files and folders needing backup, Google will keep saving their latest versions.

You May Need to Pay for Backup Computer Data

Google currently offers the free users 15 GBs of data storage. However, if you need to store more data than 15 GBs, you may need to pay money to the search engine giant. The new feature will become available on 28th June 2017. Google will unveil the new feature with the launch of its new version of Google Drive for PC & Mac.

The company is currently aiming the feature for the non-business users. It suggests companies to keep using the already in use Drive App for businesses. However, businesses will get a new upgrade with an enterprise service named Drive File Stream. Businesses will be able to use the service by the end of this year.

Apple’s New “Files” App with iOS 11 to Backup Computer Data

Apple is also working to bring together files saved across different platforms. The introduction of the “Files” app facilitates the users to collect files saved across cloud services and applications, including files in Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

Apple wants their users to access all data in one place. Besides storage in the cloud, the app will take care of the data in local storage. Therefore, Apple wants to facilitate users to backup computer data. The Macintosh users using iOS 11 will just have to drag and drop files across the system.

The app will use an interface very similar to “Finder” in Macintosh to let users organize files. The users will be able to avail from different types of file-based options. The app is expected to come through later this fall.

Google Drive to give Dropbox a run for the money

Backup Computer Data using Google DriveDropbox only offers 2 GB of free space to its user accounts. Users can use different ways of referring a friend option to increase the storage gradually. Google Drive does not discriminate against any user and gives everyone 15 GBs of space regardless of the user.

Dropbox will have to let customers’ backup computer data with an increase in storage space. A little 2 GB, data storage space, cannot match 15 GBs of free space that Google Drive currently provides. The seamless integration of personal data onto Google Drive will shift more users from Dropbox to Google Drive.

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