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Bahawalpur Student Kills Teacher For Dissent Over Welcome Party

In a tragic incident a student of Government Sadiq Egerton College, Bahawalpur stabbed his teacher to death over his ‘un-Islamic comment’.

According to media reports Khalid Hameed, an associate professor of English at SE college Bahawalpur was in his office when a third year student stabbed him with knife. The victim was rushed to hospital where he succumbed to injuries.

Why Bahawalpur Student Killed Teacher

A student whose name is Khateeb Hussain claimed in a video that his teacher’s views were anti-Islamic. Media reported that Khateeb Hussain had an argument with his teacher over the welcome party. He didn’t like the mingling of female and male students in such a function as he considered it against the religious ethos. But, his teacher who was managing the event had more open views about the event. Therefore, it was the dissent over a welcome party that Khateeb alleged as blasphemy in a video that resulted in ruthless killing on the teacher.

A viral video on social media is showing the student’s view.

People are condemning who religious fanaticism, propagated by clergy and unfortunately by a part of the curriculum. If institutes promoted rational thinking and tolerance then a professor would have been alive and youth must not have gone wasted like this.

Why A Function Should be More Obnoxious than Killing A Man

The news of Bahawalpur Student from SE College killing a teacher caused a massive outrage on social media. People were furious over the system that made the student think it was fine to kill a person but arranging a welcome party was not.

Folks were calling out authorities to make changes in curriculum.

The act saw a huge condemnation as a heinous and barbaric crime.

According to tweets by some journalists that quoted police sources, the victim had already received death threats and he had informed to principle about this.

A Need to Teach Tolerance

In wake of the Bahawalpur student’s killing of his professor, there is a need that government in Pakistan devises a mechanism to check the curriculum and ensure that it is not propagating hate. They should also ensure to prevent the spread of hate speeches that incite people on violence in the name of religion or any philosophy. Authorities must take measures to encourage tolerance so that no more professor Khalid and no more Mashal Khan die at the hand of fanaticism.

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