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Brexit – Two Major Things UK Wants To Negotiate

We know the kinds of pressures you go through when you fill into shoes of a seasoned politician like David Cameroon. The Brexit swung the wrong way for many. But it is not over yet. Brexit may have been the thing most UK nationalists wanted, but it is the thing they have to live with for a long time. Brexit specially impact on Record high car sale in Uk that’s reason they should negotiate.

Two Brexit Things UK Wants to Negotiate

There are opposite push and pull forces that Theresa May has to manage. Two things, one they want and the other they don’t want, immigration and single market access.

Immigration of EU Member Population to the UK

The UK wants to stop the flow of immigrants from the EU countries. In a way that is something which would help the UK give jobs to its youth. But is it easy to achieve? Of course not. The EU is already weighing its options when it comes to immigration to the UK. Imagine how hard it would become for the UK citizens to work anywhere else in the EU if the UK does not allow EU population to work there.Two Brexit Things UK Wants to Negotiate

It is a fine balance that needs to be maintained. Skilled labour is not something be worried about. In her recent speech, Theresa May indicated that the UK would remain open to the skilled labour. However, it remains to be seen how much open will the UK be if things get out of hand.

Single Market Access to EU Countries

Single market access to the EU countries is not an easy thing to bargain. On the one hand, UK wants to limit EU immigrants. So it is creating additional pressure on the PM of the UK to get single market access to the UK based products. Single market access makes it easy for the UK-based businesses to remain competitive and enjoy relaxed approach to the market. However, if the EU decides to look the other way, it can make things really difficult for the UK. If there is no single market access, it will not only have business implications, but Britain would have to think of other ways to get to this huge market.

It remains to be seen how Theresa May chooses to respond to those two challenges. But at this time, accomplishing both goals is a daunting task.

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