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British Government Tastes Bitter Brexit Court Defeat

The ride to Brexit is not as smooth as the government of the UK would have liked. The Brexit court defeat comes as a big surprise to the government.

As discussed in on our previous post at about triggering Article 50, the government is in an awkward position. Even Tony Blair is trying to free Britain from Brexit by lobbying against it.

Theresa May on Brexit Court Defeat

Theresa May on BrexitThe PM of the UK, Theresa May seems adamant on sticking to her plan of negotiating the UK out of the Brexit. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that she intended to stick with her March 2017 deadline. The spokesperson also said that the Prime Minister believed there was no need for election before 2020, ditching a rising opinion of an earlier re-election.

Summary of the Foreword by Theresa May on Brexit White Paper

The PM of the UK said her government was approaching Brexit with optimism rather than keeping failure in mind. Some of the highlights of Britain she mentioned included nest intelligence services, bravest armed forces, effective hard & soft power, friendships, partnerships, and alliances in every continent. Theresa May looked optimistic that history would judge exiting the Brexit as the right decision. She was confident that future generations would judge her government as the one who helped shape better future and an improved Britain.

The UK Government seems to be contesting court’s decision in an appeal. Brexit Secretary David Davis said that after the court ruling, the government did not have any choice but to go to the parliament to trigger Article 50, getting it approved from MPs and peers.

European Citizens Permanent Residency Contested

The government has blocked an attempt by Liberal Democrats to give permanent residency to EU citizens. The government was able to block the move aimed at adding protections for the EU citizens within the Brexit bill. The bill got defeated with a 332 in favor to 290 votes against it.

However, despite the defeat, Liberal Democrats are confident about their victory in getting the protections approved as they think they have enough support from Labor peers.

Here is how the Brexit Minister David Jones responded to the EU Citizenry` within the Brexit Bill.

“The government fully recognizes that the issue of EU nationals’ resident in the UK is a highly important one and one we will be addressing as a priority just as we wish to address the issue of the rights of UK nationals’ resident in the EU.”

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