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Is Britney Spears Finally Going to Be Free from Guardianship?

Famous pop star Britney Spears might be close to ending her 13-year long conservatorship arrangement, which she describes as abusive. According to the latest reports, her guardian/father Jamie Spears has formally submitted documents in Los Angeles court to give up his control over Britney’s personal and financial life.

The singer has complained multiple times in the last two years that her father’s guardianship was abusive and she did not want him as her manager. Jamie’s move came two months after Britney gave a fiery testimony of how she had been feeling in a life controlled by others.

Britney Spears Talks About the Impact of Conservatorship on Her Life

Britney Spears never opened up regarding the case and her social media also often remained unconnected to the ongoing media reports. However, she had to address the court in June 2021 in which her emotions exploded. The star asked the court to end her guardianship so she can marry again and have children. Furthermore, she said that she was being drugged and forced to perform against her will under the guardianship arrangement court put her in.

She condemned the arrangement and wanted to be free immediately without any evaluation. The artist claimed that her father treated her cruelly and threatened to stop her from visiting her children if she did not listen to him. She told the judge that she wished to file charges against her father for conservator abuse.

Jamie Spears reportedly stepped down from the position of Britney’s personal guardian in 2019 due to health problems but continued to oversee her financial routine. The artist has not performed since 2018 and stated that she will never perform as long as her father was her guardian and manager.

Why She Was Appointed a Guardian?

The court imposed a conservative arrangement on Britney Spears in 2008 after concerns for her mental health. The artist was engaged in numerous controversies including the most notorious one with ex-husband, the rapper Kevin Federline. According to reports, the singer lost a custody dispute with Federline after allegations came up against Britney that she was an unfit mother. Media hounded her all the time even in her most depressive moments.

Her supporters described how the paparazzi’s behavior quickly became the prime reason for Britney’s poor mental health, even though she was dealing with a difficult phase of life. She was even seen smashing a photographer’s car with an umbrella repeatedly in 2007. It was like her song Everytime (2003) foreshadowed the perils she was going to face later in her life. This song hints at how the world builds up a young woman only to break her down.

Anyway, after that, her father filed a petition to place Britney under temporary conservatorship. The court made him her guardian and in charge of making all decisions related to her life, career and wealth. Later, the guardianship was extended indefinitely.

Britney found little support until a documentary titled Framing Britney Spears (2021) generated huge public interest in her case. More and More people were starting to gather in protest and demanded the systems to free Britney.

What is #FreeBritney Movement?

The supporters of Britney have made their mission to grant her freedom from guardianship. The movement found strength in numbers after Britney went to a mental health facility for suffering stress from her father’s treatment. Several other celebrities including Cher, Mariah Carey, and Miley Cyrus also joined in to support Britney’s freedom from guardianship. The efforts of all this support and Britney’s latest testimony inspired a bill reform focusing on the protection of all those who live in conservatorships in the US.

According to reports, the next hearing of this case is on Sept 29 and it is all Judge Brenda Penny’s decision whether to grant Britney her wish or not. On the other hand, the singer’s supporters fear that her father could be playing a long game or her other family might also intervene.

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