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Buckingham Palace Announces Prince Philip Retirement

Buckingham Palace made the announcement of Prince Philip retirement. Prince Philip will step down in August this year.

Before Prince Philip retirement he will have a farewell tour. The meeting today in Buckingham Palace had Senior Aides in attendance.

After Prince Philip Retirement – No Public Engagements

Buckingham Palace Announces Prince Philip RetirementPrince Philip is now 95 years old, and he will stop attending public events from Autumn of 2017. The Buckingham Palace did clarify that Prince Philip Retirement decision was his own. Therefore, the Queen also supported Prince Philip in his retirement decision.

The five next in line of British throne success include the following British Royal family members.

  1. Charles, Prince of Wales
  2. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  3. Prince George of Cambridge
  4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  5. Prince Henry of Wales (Harry)

Prince Philips will be attending the already scheduled meetings from now onwards to August. After completion of his scheduled public appearances, he will not accept any new invitations for engagements or visits. However, he may choose to attend some public events.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh is President, Patron or Member to more than 780 organizations. Prince Philip retirement will not affect his relationship with these organizations. However, he will not be playing any active role.

Queen Elizabeth to Carry Full Program

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth will take the full official engagements program by getting support from Royal family members. Philip is generally in good health over the last few years.

Queen Elizabeth is 91 years of age. However, she will continue with her work despite the age. She has been on the British throne for over six decades. She already ruled out the possibility of going into retirement.

When the Queen addressed on her 21st birthday, she made it clear that she would dedicate her whole life to the service her imperial family.

In 1992, the Queen had dismissed any rumors that she may retire from her role. She had then said that her job as Queen was for life.

She also stated that she did not get a chance to have an apprenticeship. She said her father passed away too early and she was too young to take charge. The Queen said she did the best job she possibly could at the time. She also said she believed it was her destiny to accept the role and its continuity was imperative for her.

After Prince Philip retirement, Queen Elizabeth will increasingly rely on other members of Team Windsor for supporting her role.

The Prince may choose to make a few public appearances on Palace’s balcony. He may also greet the US President Donald Trump on his state visit to Great Britain.

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