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Protesters Celebrating End of President Robert Mugabe’s Era

Robert Mugabe’s era finally comes to a grinding halt. Protesters are out on the streets asking President Mugabe to leave the country. The people want him to resign from his post officially. Many say that it feels as if they are having a Christmas day. Others believe that their suffering has finally come to an end. The message for the President is simple, to leave the country.

Army Plays Central Role in Ending Robert Mugabe’s Era

The Zimbabwean Army has played a crucial role in ending Robert Mugabe’s era. Senior officials and the military now plan to get him out of the country within the next two days.

Why People Did Not Like Robert Mugabe’s Era?

President Mugabe ruled the country in a self-styled coercive manner, using revolutionary rhetoric, and bribery. His rule of the last four decades has eroded the trust in his ability to rule. He has also lost support by many institutions vital for the functioning of his government. For example, police are no more coming to help him. Many of his political supporters are held in detention.

The military is allegedly behind the protesters who are apparently happy about the end of Mugabe rule. However, the army is not the only force that wants him out. All the ten of Zimbabwe’s provinces have already passed a no-confidence motion against him. Therefore, political analysts closely following the developments believe that he may be stripped of office by Sunday.

Protestors Celebrating End of President Robert Mugabe’s Era

The last Ceremony Attended by the President

He was last seen in public attending a graduation ceremony of a university. He was wearing an academic gown and hat. As he strolled towards the podium, audiences in attendance applauded him for the opening of the ceremony.

Army’s Reassurance

Earlier, the Zimbabwean Army assured everyone in the country about the significant progress it had achieved against the President. The statement was aimed at calming the citizens that the military would handle the situation without any chaos.

Main Opposition Parties Also Want Mugabe’s Rule to End

The Army is not the only party to the ouster of the President. The Movement for Democratic Change is Zimbabwe’s main opposition party that wants him to be out of power. Similarly, war veterans have also joined the effort. Therefore, an overwhelming majority and political elite of the country in opposition is appreciating the steps taken by Zimbabwean military. It is only a matter of time before we will see a new government coming into power in the country.

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