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Why Pakistani Celebs Are Sharing Painful Child Abuse Memories?

The vicious murder and rape of seven years old Zainab Amin from Kasur, has shaken Pakistani society to its core. It has been almost a week since the gruesome incident of child abuse took place, but it is still making headlines on social media and news channels. Unfortunately, law enforcement institutes have failed to arrest the criminals despite such a clamor on behalf of the public.

The issue of Zainab has called for grave concerns for being much dangerous. It has provoked discussions by giving rise to the debate on who is responsible for controlling such heinous crimes against the innocent souls.

Pakistani Celebs Share Memories of Child Abuse

Recently, Pakistani showbiz celebs have shared the painful memories of child abuse. Famous actress, drama writer, anchorperson and a social activist Nadia Jamil talked about how she became a victim of child abuse at the age of four years by her driver and a Maulvi. In a series of tweets, she not only spoke about her past suffering but also elaborated the reason for talking.

Famous event manager Frieha Altaf and costume designer Maheen Khan also tweeted about their personal experiences of victimization in childhood.

When entire nation was demanding justice for Zainab, it was crucial for other victims to speak up, so that the issue gets the attention of the society for a permanent cure.

What Went Wrong with Sharing About Victimization

The purpose of celebrities sharing their painful memories of child abuse was to highlight the gravity of the situation. Unfortunately, in such conservative societies of East, victim blaming is common. Those who suffer from the evil, choose to stay quiet so that no one shames them for what happened to them. Keeping the matter confined and not taking it to the Police, is considered necessary for saving the honor of the family. In such a situation daring to share the personal experiences of child abuse is indeed a courageous task.

The issue is that in Pakistan, tabloids that use social media for spreading click-bait headlines, hinder the process of awareness. The way, they tell news, is enough to distract the audience form a real issue. Same happened to the case of Nadia Jamil and other celebs who talked about being a victim of abuse. For tabloids, celebs like Nadia Jamil facing abuse in their childhood was itself news; they didn’t tell the people about the motive behind sharing such experience.

Why Celebs Shared their Experience

It is evident that primary reason behind celebrities sharing their experiences is to tell the world about the seriousness of the issue. Nadia Jamil also opined that child who has become victim needs the support of society for being productive. He needs help for coming out of the trauma and shock he has faced. Further, he or she doesn’t deserve to be shamed instead it is the culprit who should be humiliated and bashed for his crimes.

Nadia Jamil also mentioned about what was the cure of this illness.

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