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How to Improve Latency PS4

Gamers often look for how to improve latency in PS4. After all, there is no use of playing on a console that has a poor internet connection. Otherwise, a player just ends up getting a bad experience. Well, improving latency in PS4 doesn’t mean to increase the internet speed only. The phenomenon refers to obtaining an optimum latency that ensures the continuation of smooth online experience.

Avid gamers who want to enjoy seamless online gaming should understand following tricks to improve latency in PS4.

Understand the need

Gamers must know about latency. Many people confuse the lag with internet speed. Well, both these parameters are not same and represent the different phenomena. Latency refers to delay time in receiving any data. So, it depends upon internet speed and bandwidth. Gamers can improve latency by increasing any of these two things. But, making an effort just to increase the internet speed is not enough.

What are the maximum latency requirements?

The requirement of latency also depends upon the kind of game. In fact, it depicts how much bandwidth a particular feature of a play requires. Usually, an ideal latency should be 100ms for a PS4. In order to improve latency, one must be sure about the kind of games. A player might need a latency as low as 50ms or 30ms. Games that include first shooters or require driving, for example, Need for Speed need a more moderate latency. In the modern times, gamers are more inclined to do advanced practices. They look for how to play a game in a better way; like, there is no lack for gamers who want to improve aim in Overwatch before playing this game online. Such practice and familiarity with all the tricks go useless if user faces issues like low bandwidth, latency or low-speed internet connection.

Improve Latency

Measures to Improve Latency in PS4

Now, when a player knows what kind of online gaming experience he expects from a PS4, he should consider improving a bandwidth and internet speed to improve latency. A primary approach in this regard can be monitoring of the internet connection. If a WiFi internet is not offering optimum results, then there is no harm in choosing for a wired connection; the chances of data loss are lessor in later than former.

Apply Following DNS Settings to Improve Latency

At times, latency is not a matter of bandwidth and internet speed only. To improve latency, one might need to review the connection set-up setting as well. According to a viral internet thread, DNS settings can also reduce the delay in data transfer in PS4. One should choose the manual DNS settings for following primary and secondary DNS servers.

Primary DNS Server=

Secondary DNS Server=

Users who experienced these settings, explain that these are the Google servers. Hence they help to improve latency on PS4. Well, not all the gamers might find this DNS helpful for a smooth experience.

Downloading Namebench to Improve Latency in PS4

If DNS mentioned above doesn’t work, then users can download the Namebench; the software takes 5 to 10 minutes for scanning the servers that helps to improve latency. After changing the settings to optimum servers, one should turn the PS4 off and restart it after few minutes. If server settings fail to work, then it is better for a gamer to consider changing his internet connection.

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