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How Users Will be Able to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iOS

WhatsApp plans to update its features soon.  Reportedly, the latest update will let the users transfer WhatsApp chats between IOS and Android and vice versa. For, many years, the users of iPhone and android have been curious about the transferring of important WhatsApp data. Users used to face difficulties while switching from one device to another, especially when changing the operating systems entirely i.e., between iPhone and Android. They could only be able to transfer the profile picture, settings, individual chats, group chats, and names. However, the complete chat history could never be transferred Before, the users had to go against the privacy policy and pay some third-party applications in order to make the transfer of chat history, which is going to be changed now, according to WhatsApp. 

When the ‘transfer WhatsApp Chats’ feature Is Coming?

According to WhatsApp Beta, the tech giant’s team is currently working on the latest upcoming feature. They named it, ‘Chat Migration Tool’.  Beta posted on its official website that the users of the app will soon be able to transfer WhatsApp chats between IOS and Android. The feature is currently under testing and users will likely be able to transfer WhatsApp chats between different platforms once the development and trials are completed. 

How the WhatsApp Chat Migration Tool Going To Work?

After the new WhatsApp privacy policy, the firm is presently working on some new updates. WhatsApp recently shared a screenshot of IOS pursuing the ‘transfer WhatsApp Chat process’ to an android. The Facebook-owned company hasn’t given out its final word regarding the addition of the imminent update. Though it might consider google drive to do the job as the chat data will temporarily be stored in it and the user will simply import it in its iPhone. Similarly, the company is creating a chat history export feature for android smartphones for the users to import data. 

Was It Necessary?  Seemingly, WhatsApp has been gaining too much heat from the users due to its updated policies. Reportedly, there have been comments on social media regarding the application being notorious for not providing satisfaction to its users. In the light of recent events, the app users were concerned about the WhatsApp security flaws that could lead towards a permanent account hack. Thus, some social media users opined that the tech giant is now making amends by adding the ‘chat migration tool’ or the ‘transfer WhatsApp Chats’ feature in the update section of the application. In their view, the application is targeting a big audience now, i.e. Android and Apple lovers to sustain its credibility once again. 

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