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Do iPhone SE 3 Specifications Justify the Price Hike

All eyes were set on Apple’s “Peek Performance” event to see what the tech giant was up to in terms of its new products for this year. It appears that for now, the major upgrades are iPad Air 5, new versions of iPhone 13, iPhone SE 3 and Mac Studio. For most of the users of Apple, it is the iPhone SE 3 that seems to matter for it is a relatively cheap product. However, it was announced in the event that the third generation of iPhone SE will cost $429 making it more expensive than its predecessor which cost $399; this makes the users wonder if upgraded iPhone SE 3 specifications are worth the price hike or not. For SE phones, users don’t make comparisons with predecessors but also with some old flagship versions as well. For instance, folks looking to buy the latest cheaper versions may have to choose between an iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 11.

What Are iPhone SE 3 Specifications?

Most of the iPhone SE 3 specifications, particularly the key features are similar to those of the expensive iPhones. Just like iPhone 13, SE 3 also has A 15- core chip, 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU and 16-core neural engine. However, the iPhone SE 3 has 64-256 GB storage while iPhone 13 boasts 64- 512 GB of storage. In terms of the CPU performance and graphics, performance SE 3 may not be anywhere near iPhone 13 or even iPhone 11 but it is not only much faster than SE 2 but also iPhone 7 and 8.

The design of SE 3 has several similarities with that of the iPhone 13. Despite being a 4.7 inches pocket-friendly design it has a glass front and back with aluminium chassis like iPhone 13 but it lacks an all-screen design and ceramic shield front; therefore it still has a home button. The phone is water-resistant up to one meter just like SE 2. Furthermore, brightness, resolution, display type and PPI (Pixels Per Inches) in SE 3 are lower than those in iPhone 11, 12 and 13 but they are similar to iPhone SE 2.

What Is the Most Distinguishing Feature of iPhone SE 3

The price is indeed one of the distinguishing iPhone 3 specifications, but the question is whether it is worth the hype or just proves the case for iPhone is overrated claims. To sum it up, SE 3 is a product for those who want to upgrade to a faster version for it has the same chip plus CPU and GPU combination as that of iPhone 13. But, it lags behind not only iPhone 13 but also iPhone 11 in terms of resolutions and display. Furthermore, it’s audio and video timing is lessor than Apple’s flagships. Users who want iPhone SE 3 specifications related to performance and speed can consider this product but it may not offer a visual and media experience at par with iPhone 13.

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