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Here is What Apple’s New AirTag Tracking Device is All About

Apple is the tech giant that offers products with the reflection of innovation in them. During the latest Apple event of spring 2021, the company introduced some more innovative products to its users. The new iPhone 12 in purple was also among exhibited items including the latest AirTag device, iMac, iPad, and certain other devices that apple lovers are eager to use. 

The company has decided on a date to launch its latest item-tracking device. It claims to provide users a huge benefit. In day-to-day life, people usually forget stuff like their keys, wallet, and other items. The AirTag device will help people find those things which tend to disappear when they need them the most. 

What Are AirTag Device’s Prominent Features? 

AirTag tracker has several features that make it a reliable tech piece. The accessory is created to locate the user’s important items. Also, the tracker helps the user enhance the phone’s versatility and capabilities in terms of evolving Find My Apps feature. 

In terms of appearance, the small, rounded puck-like piece of technology is an easy to attach thing with the items. The users can assign it to the things like keys, bags, or other stuff. They can use it as a key-ring to use it in a better way. The lightweight, portable, and handy size of the tracker makes it an easy to carry accesory. Furthermore, it has a long-lasting removable battery which is also replacable.  

The device has a UI chip designed by Apple which is a plus point for the users since it helps increase the precision and speed while finding any particular object. 

The device will be available on April 30, 2021, and it will be worth $29 per piece. It will also be available in a pack of 4 which will cost $99. 

How Does It Work? 

Technically, the users will connect AirTag with their phone’s Bluetooth just like how air pods are connected. Besides, the device seems to be quite user-friendly since it connects quickly as soon as it will be brought near the phone. After the connection, iPhone’s find my network feature will help operate the tracker to its full potential. The users can assign a name to a particular item for instance, ‘My Keys’ after attaching the tag to the object. Moreover, the accessory has a built-in speaker which will make a sound while the user is searching for it. The tracker is designed to work with precision and accuracy. It gives directions of the lost items and tells the exact distance between the user and the object.   

The icon will start appearing in ‘find my apps’ after the setup. The application will allow users to know the current as well as the last known location of the tracker. In case of losing the Bluetooth signal, the users can simply find the AirTag tracking device with the help of finding my network. It is a special feature that privately and anonymously works in the background and keeps track of the location. Thus, it will catch the distant Bluetooth signal and provide the device’s location to the user. Also, if someone finds it, they can connect it to the internet by using iPhone or any NFC capable device, which will allow them to see the owner’s contact number if it has been provided. 

Lastly, the device is a secure piece of tech since it is designed according to end-to-end encryption. Also, there isn’t any psychical user data stored in it. 

Limitations and Drawbacks

The new imminent AirTag seems to have one little limitation. It is only compatible with iPhone 11 and 12, which means that other models including X, Xmax, iPhone 8, and more, will be unable to use the latest apple’s invention. This seems to be a drawback that an iPhone admirer will have to upgrade to the latest model and a non-iPhone user will have to spend $1000 first to buy the 12th version and then pay $29 to get the tracker. The expenses make the brand a liability instead of a necessity. 

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