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What Characterizes Static Stretching?

Static stretching is one of the most straightforward exercises that one can do without an assistant. Well, any physical activity requires precautions and so this one. But, static stretching doesn’t need to follow some hard and strict rules, except few principles. The exercise is favorite among ordinary people because of low risk of injury associated with it.

Characteristics of Static Stretching

Those who have decided to do static stretches must be aware of following attributes of the exercise.

  1. Static stretching is all about contracting and relaxing muscles for a particular duration of time. The minimum period of one stretch can be 10s to 20s.
  2. There is no risk of injury in stretches that have a span of more than 30s. So, it is alright to continue a single time for the 60s as well.
  3. It may seem that static stretching is good for limbs only; well, this is just a stereotype, because one can do it for shoulders, chest, back and other parts of the body too.
  4. This kind of stretching doesn’t require the body to move. But, it is a great way to promote flexibility and mobility.
  5. Static stretching is often used as a cool-down activity after tough, physical exercises; this is because it allows muscles to relax.

Static Stretching

Types of Static Stretching

There are two kinds of static stretching; active and passive. The first type requires a person to do stretching actively, without taking help from any partner. In the second category, one needs help from a partner or some object for aid. The condition is that assistance should be stable enough to prevent the risk of falling on the ground. Otherwise, exercise can go wrong while leading to unpleasant sequences. For achieving exceptional results, one can learn PNF stretching which combines active and isometric stretching.

Who should do Static Stretching?

From all the types of stretching for general health and fitness purposes, static stretching is the one that almost suits a significant portion of the population. Such popularity of this exercise is not because it is risk-free, but also because of its warm-up and cool down effect. Athletes, sportspersons and gym goers can also indulge in this physical activity as pre-workout warm up. Bodybuilders can also use the static body movements to remove the strain in specific body parts. While, there are not many hard instructions for the general population, patients, athletes or people with any disability may need guidance for some fitness expert. Such care is essential to avoid side-effects from any possible bad-stretch.

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