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Amena Khan Quits L’Oreal Over Anti-Israel Tweets- Sparks Debate

British model and fashion blogger Amena Khan, has quit the L’Oreal’s hair campaign, after facing backlash over her anti-Israel tweets in 2014.  The model not only deleted her ‘controversial’ tweets but also apologized for saying something that was anti-harmony

The hijab-wearing model made L’Oreal earn applause, for promoting diversity through its new campaign for hair products. The event shows that Amena Khan had to back down for merely raising her voice against the atrocities of Israel in Palestine.

It seems that L’Oreal promotes inclusiveness, but it doesn’t offer sufficient room for the difference of opinion.

Amena Khan Regretted Her Tweets

Amena Khan not only deleted her anti-Israel tweets but also expressed her deep regret for posting such thing that didn’t represent the message of harmony.

In her tweet, Amena said, “I deeply regret the content of tweets I made in 2014 and sincerely apologize for the upset and hurt they have caused, championing diversity is one of my passions, I don’t discriminate against anyone. I have chosen to delete them as they do not represent the message of harmony that I stand for.”

While talking about her being part of the L’Oreal’s hair campaign as a hijab-wearing model, Amena said, “I recently took part in a campaign, which excited me because it celebrated inclusivity. With deep regret, I have decided to step down this campaign because current conversations surrounding it detract me from the positive and inclusive sentiment that it set out to deliver.”

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Criticism over Amena Khan’s Anti-Israel Tweets

According to reports, Amena Khan faced a severe backlash from the Islamophobes and right-wing media outlets, after she appeared in the L’Oreal’s ad. The critics termed her anti-Israel tweets as anti-Semitic. The critics bashed Amena Khan’s participation in L’Oreal for her opinion about Israel that she expressed over country’s offensive attack on Gaza, in 2014.

Debate over Amena Khan’s Decision to Quit L’Oreal

Amena Khan’s act of quitting L’Oreal has made people raise eyebrows over the brand’s claim of promoting the diversity. It is a fact that L’Oreal was not the first to cast a hijab-wearing model for a hair campaign. So, its attempt to feature Amena might be a strategy to hit another segment of the market. The brand is now facing backlash for allowing Amena to pull down only because she raised voice against Israel’s cruelty over Palestine.

People wondered if voicing an opinion against a country’s policies was called racism. Critics also pointed towards the Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s open support for Israeli military which is involved in killing thousands of innocent Palestinians. In this, way heroine of the Wonder Woman should not be referred as a savior of the world.

Amena Khan’s withdrawal from L’Oreal’s campaign makes freedom of speech to take a back seat on the name of diversity and inclusiveness for Israel.

Well, the case of Amena Khan’s endorsement of L’Oreal and then backing down proves that we are living in the world where diversity and difference of opinion can’t coexist.

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