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Influencer Faces Criticism for Sharing Pictures of Hafeez Center Fire

A massive fire blast at Hafeez Center in Lahore completely took out 500 shops and did partial damage to many others. The fire started at 6:15 AM on Sunday, 18th October which continued for 14 hours. Reportedly, around 70 firefighters got involved in the rescue operation. They rescued around 25 people. Fortunately, no fire was reported.

The five-story building is the biggest computer market in Pakistan. It houses more than 1000 shops and godowns. Out of which, 40% are burnt and 20% got significant damage. Reportedly, traders and shopkeepers collectively lost 500 million PKR (3 million USD) on a holiday.

Considering a fateful incident for those who lost their livelihoods, social media noticed a very distasteful development. Apparently, a social media influencer decided to cover the incident for her followers. She seemed happy and extravagant which did not sit well with the background.

Insensitivity Towards Hafeez Center Fire

The incident shook the country to the core. It was unimaginable that someone would laugh at the misery of others. The girl might have wanted to show how she went there in the middle of the fire to make videos and images. Some social media users regarded it as a cheap attempt at fame and completely unnecessary

They felt angry by seeing a devastating background and her smiling pose in front. People thought that these images were more disturbing than the original scene. Perhaps it is because they show that human beings are an insensitive creature

It also raises a question on the activities of many people who call themselves influencers. People also noted that she went to those places of the site where no one was allowed to go.

What Did Those Pictures Influence?

Many so-called influencers in Pakistan have made rushed content. This has led users to point out some alarming facts about education. This one said that there are not enough students in this country than there are influencers.


Some even went as far as calling her brain-damaged for pulling this stunt


The majority kept on trolling her for generating fame at the expense of destruction and desolation. This one was being sarcastic that people should let her have fun because she might have seen fire for the first time.


Why Did It Happen To Hafeez Center?

While those were criticizing this female influencer, many others reminded people how this place was for women. Honestly, it was like a hell for women where demons would stare at them for all of their visits. On the other hand, many traders were famous for overcharging or selling counterfeit items by labeling them as genuine. However, they felt sorry for those who might have stuck to honest ways.


According to popular opinion, women felt disturbed while visiting this computer mart if they had any tech trouble. Other male customers and shopkeepers would desperately stare which made them uncomfortable. Some women also reported being harassed at that place. It usually becomes imminent for them to take a male specimen along. The majority of people thought that the fire came like Karma for that place.


The reported reason for the Hafeez Center fire was a short circuit, according to the initial inquiry. The complete report is yet to be shared by the authorities.

later, the girl apologized when she realized how many people she hurt. She claimed that deep down, she also felt sad for the traders who suffered loss, and her smile amidst devastation was merely a reflex.
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