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Social Media Reacts To TikTok Unban In Pakistan

The renowned app Tiktok faced criticism and was banned recently, due to its immoral content. As per media reports. According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), TikTok unban is going to allow users to have a taste of their presumably favorite application. In simpler words, the application is going to be revived in Pakistan, as many Tiktokers will be able to use the app like before.

TikTok Unban Comes With Terms & Conditions

PTA found it convenient for users to use TikTok as per the local laws of Pakistan. The good news for the app users is that their blocked accounts will soon be unblocked. Another good news is for those who think of the app as cringe and a source of immorality and vulgarity. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority also stated that management will instantly block those accounts, which will spread post obscene content. The users are condemned to be free i.e. they can produce content however they like, but unethical content will not be spared by the management.    

This Move Divided Public Opinion

Allegedly, the Difference of opinion has always been a part of people’s instincts. In Pakistan, the new of unbanning TikTok has made people share their views regarding it. 

Many think that unbanning TikTok is not the right decision but a shameful act. They asserted if Pakistan is an Islamic country. By unbanning the App, PTA is allowing vulgarity to take place in Pakistan. Not only vulgar content but also unethical actions by thy people to gain followers was also a reason for people to hate the app. For example; the recent incident involving TikTok user Adil Rajpoot’s wife faked his death just to increase followers. 

For some, immorality is going to be out in open again. Once more people will share vulgar posts.

some of the entities from the public congratulated PTA for making this decision. According to them, it is a good way to provide what people require and follow social laws as well. 

Banning an app is not a solution, who is against the content, must not watch it. 

Memes On The Situation

Previously, when Govt decided to ban the widely used entertaining app in Pakistan, Memes lovers trolled it to a great extent. The memes said it all about the Ban on TikTok in Pakistan. Now, they also takin a part in making memes on the current decision of unbanning the app. 

Not so happy members contributed in their way by sharing memes:  

Many think of it as a source of utter vulgarity. 

It is a great risk to unban TikTok since, people will not refrain from making the content, which contributed to the ban of the app in the first place. 

PTA should think about its decision one more time before initiating it. 

Some opposed the PTA’s decision by putting the comic element in their meme.  

A few of meme makers also trolled YouTuber Ducky Bhai (saad) since he makes funny videos on TikTok users. 

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