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New Call of Duty Version Is Hallmark of Worst Villains

The Call of duty players might have come across an opportunity of dealing with their craziest imagination. Since the most horrifying villains are joining to haunt gamers. The Villains are none other than the nightmares inflicted by the top thriller movies. As per many, COD is not just a game of war anymore; it has become much more. 

Call of Duty Trailer Review

The trailer of The Haunting of Verdansk reveals how Jigsaw, Leatherface, and Zombies play their tricks against the soldiers of call of duty. The action packed trailer of the game is really thrilling and shows the war between antagonists and protagonists. The players run against the unfightable beings who have a way of killing torturing individuals. 

The real question that many might ask; is the game going to give a choice to players in selecting their characters? Would they be allowed to become villains or they would just have to play commandos as per the default setting of COD? 

 What inspired Call of Duty The Haunting of Verdansk to Add Psychophantic Antiheroes

The additional entities in the game are none other than the villains from the popular thriller Hollywood movies SAW, Leatherface, and Zombie. Jigsaw, from the Movie/series SAW, is believed to be one of the famous characters in a negative role due to its strategic planning for killing people. Leatherface is also a similar character who is known for its mind bursting ways of hurting people and leading them to the afterlife. Well, zombies are something everyone is familiar with. What’s interesting is that the game is combining movie and game lovers on a single platform. The people who admire fighting the villains have a chance to embrace what is being given by COD The Haunting of Verdansk. 

Many games and movies are being inspired by each other. Several games are influencing movie makers to convert the games into movies and series: for instance, Netflix announced the Resident Evil series that was inspired by the game.  Similarly, the movies are not staying behind in this race, as several series and movies inspired game developers to create games based on the movies. The best example is the game Hogwarts Legacy, which is stimulated by the popularity of the Harry Potter series. Therefore, it might be a good way to put the evil characters in a war game to give goosebumps to gamers. They are inspired by such ideas where they are open towards new challenges, as the game is promising to provide. 

What do gamers think of this new update? 

For many individuals with an interest in gaming and movies, the concept of The Haunting of Verdansk fulfills the purpose of creating a fun game. On the contrary, some think of the game as a bad idea. 

For some individuals, the game is a great surprise due to its content. They shared memes to express their emotions towards Call of Duty.

Those who took a break from gaming are coming back to the AI world just to enjoy the craziness of COD.

No SAW fan would have imagined Jigsaw holding a shotgun. It is kind of funny and raises curiosity regarding Jigwas’s part in the game. 

on one hand, most of the players who own PCs, are now joyful because of the game’s requirements and availability on PC. The gamers will not have to buy expensive consoles like PS5 in order to play the game.

For most PC owners, the main concern is the hard-drive space that the game is going to take. The new update must be tough to install due to its high performance and requirement for more disk space in computers. 

Many are excited about the game’s arrival however, some feel it was unnecessary to launch the game with such features. 

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