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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming Sony PS5

Sony finally spilled some beans on the highly anticipated PS5 in a presentation on 11th June. They revealed design, hardware, and plenty of next gen games. Some games will be released alongside the console and some are very far ahead.

Previously this presentation was supposed to be on 4th June but Sony decided to postpone and focus on George Floyd protests in America.

This was condemned by the public because Sony has never postponed their events for other human rights violations and injustice happening for so long. Reportedly, Sony also did not postpone anything because of the pandemic situation. The console is ready to be launched sometime this year.

PS5 Design And Hardware Reveal

From the video, it looks like the PlayStation 5 will have two versions. One will have a Blu-ray disc drive and the other is a unique digital edition which requires no disc and depends entirely on downloads and streaming. Each version will include Sony’s new DualSense controller.

Memes On The Unconventional Design

The console may look like one of those strange buildings in Singapore but it is Sony’s most notable design ever. This time for color, they went with futuristic white with black finishing and blue highlights. Many people have made memes on the design of the new playstation

People really had their way with the funny design but let’s get a little closer to this beast.

Specs And Features

PlayStation 5 will have a solid-state drive (SSD) unlike its predecessors that ran on hard-disc drive (HDD). It is a notable improvement to reduce latency which was a major issue in PS4. However it could be fixed with few tweeks. It will include an octa-core AMD processor (Zen 2 CPU) and a powerful GPU (10.28 teraflops). IGN released complete specs of the PS5 compared with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

Effect On Gaming

10.28 teraflops literally means that this machine should run absolutely anything, even the most heftier games of them all. This is the highest GPU speed offered by any console. The loading time will be 20 times faster than the PS4 and according to Sony it will also support 8K gaming. The SSD speeds up the installation time a game takes at first run and helps the console to accommodate massive file size games. Some of the upcoming games were unveiled at the presentation that exclusively designed for PS5:

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Little Devil Inside

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Although there are many games set for launch, these are just a few that will be readily available once PS5 is out.


Sony announced few new accessories:

HD Camera

Wireless Charging Dock For Controllers

PULSE3D Headset to cancel out background noise

Media Remote for playing stuff other than games (such as netflix, youtube, etc)

Release Date & Price

Sony has kept mum on the most important information of the reveal. However, they have hinted that the launch will be around “Holiday Season” which usually begins in November due to Christmas. Now comes the price…this is the factor that everyone talks about except Sony.

There are many assumptions about this factor, like in India or Pakistan it is rumored to be around 100,000 PKR but most probably the price will be higher and it will vary depending on the vendor.

According to industry insiders and other analysts in the UK, PS5 price will be between 449-499 GBP. Perhaps this is what Sony wants for people to keep speculating until they drop the bomb and destroy everyone’s hopes.

Green Technology

Sony also said that the new console would be a green technology due to its energy-saving feature. For example, if 1million players use this feature then that would save the energy equal to the average consumption of 1,000 US households. Many companies are moving towards manufacturing eco-friendly video game systems.

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