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People Danced around Statue Of Christopher Columbus After Destroying It

Activists led by AIM (American Indian Movement) pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus located at the Minnesota State Capitol. It is already disturbing to realize that it has been standing for all these years. Once it was on the ground, they sang their song and danced around it in a defying fashion; a dramatic show of disrespect towards the most significant figure in the history of America.

Who Was Christopher Columbus?

Columbus was an Italian colonizer who stumbled upon the land that is known today as America. His expeditions were sponsored by Spanish monarchs which made conquest easy and allowed countless naval European powers to colonize American lands while many natives were already living there.

He was glorified as an explorer and all the attention was given to his so-called discovery that everybody ignored what pain and suffering was inflicted on natives due to colonization.

What Is AIM?

AIM is an advocacy group that addresses issues related to leadership, sovereignty, and treaties in America. AIM’s founders were Mary Jane Wilson,Vernon Bellecourt, Clyde Bellecourt, Dennis Banks, and George Mitchell.

They staged many protests against racism and civil rights violations. Their protests are aimed at the sites where injustice and violence was perpetrated against Native Americans by the federal government.

Now, they have moved onto another historic site which symbolizes the foundation of America i.e. injustice and violence. 

Preparing To Take The Statue Down

The statue was built in 1931 to establish Christopher Columbus as a hero. Those American students would be so confused right now who were introduced to a heroic Columbus in elementary school. Many other symbols were pushed as heroes who met their end in protests all over the US and UK.

It Came Down With Ease

Apparently protestors did not find it difficult to pull it down. His statue came down harder than he was pushed by his sponsors. A woman who tied the rope in the above video stated that this is necessary for the healing to start happening in America. She added that the statue has been here for far too long and it is a slap in the face of all people whose skin is not white. She was the one who pulled the rope

AIM Sings A Song

After taking down the monstrosity, protestors celebrated this glorious moment by singing one of their native songs. It was a delightful moment for anybody who suffered from white supremacy and enslavement.

And Danced Around The Fallen Statue

Protestors also did a famous native American dance called pow wow while singing to boost their celebration. It is normal in native social gatherings. Sometimes they hold pow wow dance competitions and reward the winner. Here they rewarded themselves for taking down one symbol of evil. More events like this are likely to happen in the coming days

Police Came To Take The Trash Away

State troopers arrived and advised everyone to stay back and wait for the disposal truck. One protestor referred it to as taking the trash off the street

Explanation From The Daughter Of An AIM Founder

A local resident, Dorene Day explained how they suffered at the hands of white people after they welcomed them with open arms. Her mother Charlotte Day protested alongside her children against police brutality in 1968. Dorene is convinced that on this day, her mother is truly happy wherever she is.

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