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Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Reveals Interesting Info about Harry Potter Game

PS5 has allegedly made gamers excited over new game called Hogwarts Legacy. The trailer has given a promising and adventurous charisma to gaming lovers. The trailer revealed a lot about the game and how it is going to be played. It has already made the gaming freaks excited about the game. They have been waiting eagerly for the arrival of the new PlayStation5 that has been equipped with advanced and upgraded features

What Hogwarts Legacy video game is all about?

As per the trailer, it’s an open world adventurous game that allows players choose their characters and play the game according to its story. The story is based on the time 1800s, which is quite an element of curiosity for gamers. The trailer also depicts the most exciting part of the game: HOGWARTS. A special magic school for wizards and witches, where the students learn and practice magic in order to become masters of witchcraft and wizardry. Apparently, Hogwarts is the center of attraction for gamers because of their interest in the school. Apart from all the revealed features, PS5 has still kept the mystery of how the game will do justice with the interest of those who are desperately waiting for the game.  

The best part is that it’s not exclusive to just PlayStation but, will be available to play on all the major consoles including Xbox One, series X and also ps5, ps4 and ps4 pro. 

Its association with the Harry Potter series and J.K Rowling

In order to understand the origin of Hogwarts Lagacy, it is important to know and comprehend the intellectual mind behind the whole idea of Hogwarts (the school), which is a crucial part of the game. It started with the Harry Potter series writer: J.K Rowling who presented the entire idea of magic, Hogwarts, and the wizards in her novels. The movie became popular and turned out to be a great source of entertainment for fiction lovers. Supposedly, Warner Bros in association with PlayStation gaming created Hogwarts Legacy in order to keep the enthusiasm towards Harry Potter alive in the form of a game. In simple words, Hogwarts Legacy is a byproduct of Harry Potter series and hence, fans are impatient for playing it. 

However, the creater of harry potter series and the magic world, is presumably not a part of Hogwarts Legacy. The publication belongs to Warner Bros and development is by Avalanche. 

Where the fans are in hurry to play the game, Harrpy Potter writer JK Rowling is facing hatred for releasing her new novel named Troubled Blood: They find it trans-phobic. They don’t even want to be a part of the game because it will also be in turn beneficial for her.

What makes it different from Harry Potter?

Firstly, the game’s time period is 1800’s which is way before than Harry Potter’s. Secondly, it is based on the legacy of Hogwarts. Since the game hasn’t been released yet, we can’t surely say what it actually means. Moreover, the story is not written by J.K Rowling Last but not least, the characters are different and it choice it up to the player.

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