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How PIA Balloon Ended Up In The Indian Territory?

Indian news agency ANI (Asian News International) posted a strange article stating that Indian forces captured a balloon shaped as aircraft from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The inflatable object caused panic across the region of Hiranagar in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Indian forces have been investigating why the PIA balloon crossed the Indo-Pak border and landed in Indian territory. Reportedly they have taken the balloon into custody by suggesting that it was somehow suspicious. Apart from the Pakistani public, even some Indians have also been trolling the news outlet very much.

According to ANI, some locals spotted the balloon land in Sotra Chak village and informed the police.

PIA Balloon Frightens Indian Intelligence Forces

It was funny for many Pakistanis how Indian armed forces have taken the PIA balloon so seriously. According to ANI’s article, India accused Pakistan of spying through various objects and that the balloon was of those objects. The idea seems ridiculous considering the economical standing of Pakistan and the cost it takes to conduct espionage on another country’s intelligence. This is the reason why this piece of news was only good for having a laugh.

According to history, some news from India is entirely fake just like the one about the civil war in Karachi, which also resulted in hilarious memes from Pakistanis.

Is India Taking Revenge For The Wounded Ego?

Some social media users reckoned that India was finally able to get revenge for their MiG-21, which saw the horrible fate on 27th February 2019. The incident became famous all over the world when Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman crossed into Pakistan illegally. His plane eventually crashed after a dogfight and destroyed some vegetation. The pilot was released but Pakistanis still use this incident to mock Indian narrative, wherever applicable.

Similar Incidents In The Past

It is not the first time India has done something like this to implicate Pakistan in espionage activities. It has claimed multiple times that Pakistan is spying in India through pigeons as well. One such news appeared in 2015 and another went viral last year. India even captured the poor bird and probed it to find any suspicious object attached to the bird or some coded messages. It turned out that there were none of those but gave Pakistanis one more reason to laugh at India’s logic.

Disinformation Continues To Flow Uninterruptedly

A popular cricket journalist, Dennis Freedman also brought up the issue of fake news and misinformation by Indian forces. A few months ago, a European agency, EUDisinfoLab exposed a massive network, that India used to spread disinformation across the world. The false news network was mostly focused on discrediting Pakistan and its other political rivals.

It’s sad that after such a detailed release, fake news is still appearing from the side of India and causing unnecessary panic among the citizens. Many Indians have criticized ANI for spreading fake news amid the chaos that erupted after the alleged suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput and then the farmer’s protest.

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