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Pakistani Film Star Meera Offers 5 Lacs For Her Lost iPhone

Pakistani Film Star Meera is popular for her acting skills in the industry. She is also a well-known personality due to particular controversies associated with her. An amazing fact presented by the public about her is that she always finds a way to become a topic of discussion. The evidence is her latest video message in which she offered money to anyone who would find her lost iPhone.

Is Pakistani Film Star Meera Trying To Seek Attention?

Reportedly, the actress Meera lost her iPhone and needed help from her fans on social media. However, many Pakistani people find it a bit weird since the price of the newest iPhone is half of what she is offering to the finder of her supposedly lost phone. Thus, many are assuming that she is just trying to gain attention.

She asked for help on social media via a video in which she mentioned that she will give 5 lac rupees to the one who finds her phone. 

Why Not Buy A New Phone Instead? 

The famous Meera G has always been an entertaining entity as she has profoundly considered herself a remarkable actress. However, her video about rewarding the phone finder is causing dilemma among the Pakistani public and her fans. 

In light of her recent activity, Pakistanis are presenting their opinions. For instance, the funny thing is that, if she can offer 5 lacs, why can’t she buy a new phone instead. Getting a new cellphone seems to be much easier and reasonable than finding the lost one. Furthermore, it’s the twenty-first century and the era of technological advancements, so retrieving old data is just a piece of cake. Hence, why is a Pakistani Film star trying to do the unnecessary thing?

Is Meera Too Broke To Offer 5 Lac? 

A few months back, the Pakistani Film star addressed the Punjab government and requested to grant her 40 million under the Artist Support Fund. She claimed that she is financially unstable, which is why she is asking for money. However, her request was denied as Govt could only give her Rs5000-10,000. This raised questions on how can Meera offer such an amount to find a lost phone? Another argument was her being able to get an iPhone worth more than 1 lac, while she was battling with financial crises.

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