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Why Charlie Hebdo Made Cartoons Of Queen And Meghan?

The controversial French newspaper Charlie Hebdo has been facing scathing criticism for publishing unpleasant cartoons of Meghan Markle and The Queen Of England. It showed that an evil white monarch was kneeling on the neck of Meghan in the same way George Floyd’s death happened. The cartoonist even wrote “I Can’t Breathe” on the speech bubble of Meghan’s brown character.

The ruthless murder by the police led more than 20 million people to join in a protest against structural racism in America. The issue of racism has been the reason for many deaths which is this the public found this comical image offensive. The magazine is famous for disrespecting sacred Islamic figures through caricature.

Many love its satire articles but this time it may have struck a very sensitive nerve.

Charlie Hebdo Mocks Meghan’s Interview

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan revealed the racial disparity within the Palace. She mentioned the misery she had to through as a person of color but did not reveal the exact names of the racists. The public made assumptions that those racists might include the Queen too. They made so many memes to mock the outdated psychology of the monarch. Many suggested that the magazine was doing the same despite Oprah herself clarified that it wasn’t the Queen or Prince Charles who racially attacked Meghan. Charlie Hebdo received heavy backlash for twisting the concept of free speech and hurting a lot of people across the globe. It is ironic that the same evils people stand against are the reason for this newspaper’s success.

Many social media users came forward with a call to shut down this magazine so it cannot hurt the sentiments of the marginalized communities anymore.

Spreading Hate In Guise Of Satire

In its defense, the newspaper always stated that its content is meant to be satire and not serious. The content mostly makes fun of social issues, religious sentiments, and even deaths. Then it gets away by explaining that the offensive piece of media was merely a joke. If the magazine has to make excuses for hurting people, then it means that its work is not worth publishing in the first place.

Making Islamophobia Legal

The tendency of some French establishments to promote Islamophobia has been taking different channels. Previously, President Emmanuel Macron also provoked the same evil by glorifying the professor who showed cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to his class and then got beheaded for it. Sadly, when it came to the sentiments of Muslims, the international community remained relatively silent as compared to Hebdo’s latest mockery of royal racism.

A Sad Standard

Some came to the defense of the magazine and repeated the narrative of normalizing ‘free speech’ no matter how many people get hurt. Such kind of ‘satire’ has been contributing to the marginalization of people belonging to diverse cultures.

The magazine still thrives due to its offensive content that makes its readers laugh. The newspaper had around 8000 subscribers when its headquarter in Paris got attacked by two gunmen. Offended by the newspaper’s content, they stormed inside and killed 12 people. The company still undermined the danger its content triggered and carried on making the same content with determination.

For The Sake Of Amusement

It was alarming for many social media users after watching others justify the racist, religious, and xenophobic attacks by Charlie Hebdo magazine. It showed how many people remain hypocrites in times when the need for acceptance, tolerance, and unity is more than required.

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