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Chinese AI Better Than Google AI Chinese Believe

China thinks that it can build better AI than Google. The authorities in China see a bright future for the artificial intelligence. Therefore, it wants to beat Google with Chinese AI by investing up to $150 billion. The country sees a lot of domestic demand for artificial intelligence by the year 2030.

National Policy to Facilitate Chinese AI Development

The Chinese government is darn serious about the development of its artificial intelligence program. It will take time for one of the world’s leading economic power to reach the level where other countries are in artificial intelligence by 2020. The experts of artificial intelligence believe that Chinese AI may have a massive breakthrough by 2025. Furthermore, the AI gurus suggest Chinese AI make become a global center for innovation by 2030.

A History of Investments in Artificial Intelligence

China is not new in the game. The Chinese AI has had a lot of investment into the program for many years. The likes of Tencent and Baidu are playing their part by opening research centers in the United States. Similarly, Hong Kong is providing a great thriving environment to artificial intelligence startups. In case we forgot, China also has the world’s fastest supercomputer at this point. It used to be western countries with the world’s fastest supercomputers. But China took over this domain through hard work, perseverance, and big investments.Chinese AI Better Than Google AI Chinese Believe

Chinese AI Needs a Lot of Catching Up to Do

The Chinese AI program still needs to cover a lot of ground. The ambitious goals with significant investment commitments point to the feeling within the country to catch up. The Chinese AI is still far from challenging the other programs in place by other nations.

Many major US corporations are heavily investing in artificial intelligence. The likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are already going big regarding the investments. Some figures also suggest artificial intelligence startups throwing up to $5 billion in total investments.

However, it is not easy to match Chinese investment with its economy leading the world. The investment of $150 billion will surely help the country fulfill its artificial intelligence ambitions.

Government Guidelines for Chinese Artificial Intelligence Program

The State Council of the People’s Republic of China’s website recently published a news relating to AI guidelines that government wants starts up to follow.

Let us have a look at the key takeaways.

  • The government wants the total output of the artificial intelligence to exceed $147 billion.
  • The companies should look for an open and coordinated innovation system since it is a complicated process.
  • The Chinese AI program must promote country’s social welfare, economy, technology, improve national security, and contribute in general towards the betterment of the world.
  • The companies working in the artificial intelligence space must implement fundamental theories in this field including human-machine hybrid intelligence, big data intelligence, swarm intelligence, advanced machine learning, quantum intelligent computing, and brain-like computing.
  • The efforts should promote an economy which thrives on artificial intelligence.
  • New industries that propel using artificial intelligence must come into play, working on virtual reality, smart vehicles, smart terminal, and augmented reality.

China’s artificial intelligence program will be able to beat Google in the artificial intelligence race or not, only time will tell. However, the country wants to make a massive impact not only domestically but also globally.

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