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China Warns India Over Escalating Border Situation

China warns India at a time when the situation at the Doklam plateau escalates further. The Army of China has already mentioned that India must not remain any under any ‘illusions.’ Furthermore, the Chinese warning also talked about going to any lengths to protect its sovereignty.

China Warns & Strength of its Army

China warns India with a statement about its capability to remain “indomitable.” The Army further said that it was ready to add more troops onto the plateau to protect its sovereignty. Furthermore, China also let India know that it is willing to bear any cost to protect its territory.China Warns India Over Escalating Border Situation

Shaking Mountain Easier Than Shaking the Chinese Army

The spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry and Deputy Director General of Information Office, Col Wu Qian responding to a question stated that it was easy to shake a mountain than to shake the resolve of the Chinese army.

Therefore, he added, that the military had already added emergency response measures. It will step up deployment for drills. The military will take on exercises as per the requirements of the ongoing situation. China warns India not to push its luck. The deteriorating India China relations met another severe blow after this new statement.

Furthermore, he also gave reference to the 90-year history of People’s Liberation Army saying that it had strengthened its capabilities since it was formed. Answering a question about holding military parade to celebrate the 90th anniversary, he stated that an announcement in this regard would be made at a suitable time.

Diplomacy A Possible Solution to Overcome the Standoff  

The Indian National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval is expected to visit Beijing by the end of this week. He is going to Beijing for attending a security forum which comes under the BRICS group, consisting of large number of developing countries including South Africa, China, India, Russia, and Brazil.  

An Environment of Mistrust Persists

China is wary of the growing US-India military cooperation. India also chose not to become part of the massively funded One Belt One Road initiative by the Chinese government. It did not go well in building trust between the two.

India is uncomfortable with China flexing its military muscle. The increase of People’s Liberation Army in the Indian Ocean are worrying signs for India.

Chinese Media Not Happy with the Situation

The Chinese media has taken a hard stand against the Indian developments in the Doklam plateau. The media believes that India and China can diplomatically solve the issue. However it says the problem has created a massive rift between the two countries. Furthermore, it will have a long term impact on relations between the two nations.

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