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LG to Design iPhone 9 L-Shaped Batteries

LG will be designing iPhone 9 L-Shaped batteries for the Apple’s flagship product. Although, the news comes at a time when the Apple fans are anticipating the launch of iPhone 8. Reports suggest that LG will be the only provider of iPhone 9 L-Shaped batteries.

LG Chem To Provide iPhone 9 L-Shaped Batteries

The news came from the Korea Economic Daily that Apple will go with LG Chem for an exclusive iPhone 9 L-Shaped batteries supplier arrangement. The iPhone 9 is rumored to be coming out in 2018.

Why Choose LG for iPhone 9 L-Shaped Batteries?

Well, there are so many well-established companies in China that offer batteries. Why would Google go with LG instead for getting its iPhone 9 L-Shaped batteries? LG has facilities for manufacturing batteries worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

LG plans to start manufacturing batteries early next year. The South Korean plans to become the exclusive supplier of the batteries for the new iPhone. The production will begin to get the phone out in the market by the second half of the next year. However, it would be interesting to see if an L-shaped battery goes with a fold-able iPhone 9 as rumored earlier.iPhone 9 L-Shaped

A Bit About the L-Shaped Batteries

The new phone by Apple as per reports will extend to one side. The shape of the battery will be like the letter “L.” All previous iPhone models in the market used the regular rectangular shaped lithium-ion batteries.

There were rumors earlier for the L-shaped batteries coming out to adapt the new two-cell design. Furthermore, Apple may also use this design for the new iPhone 8. However, no reports were suggesting if the new iPhone 8 battery will follow this design pattern.

What Benefits Would L-Shaped Batteries Provide?

There are no confirmations about the potential benefits that iPhone 9 L-Shaped batteries would give. But here is some information made available by different media outlets about the potential benefits.

– Reports suggest the new phone will have 2700 mAh battery to offer long term battery life.
– Similarly, the new battery design will help improve component miniaturization to support new phone developments.
– A significant problem in big screen smartphones is the time it takes to charge them fully. Therefore, the use of L-shaped batteries will take care of this issue, improving the charging speeds.
– A powerful battery can sustain the demands of power hungry mobile applications. Apple wants to move away from the traditional battery design and structure. Examples of such technology and application use include OLED screen, 3D sensing camera (front-facing), and Touch ID sensors.

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