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Is Conor McGregor Retiring Or Is This A PR Stunt?

On the March 26, the UFC champ Conor McGregor announced his retirement from MMA through his Twitter account, thanking his fans for all the support and love they gave him throughout his career. The sudden announcement has come as a shock to everyone.

Is This A PR Stunt by Conor McGregor

Many people feel that this is just another PR stunt and another pathetic attempt to negotiate a deal with the UFC. The former champion pulled a similar stunt a few years back when a message popped up on his account saying he is retiring.

UFC President on Conor’s Retirement Announcement

The President of UFC Dana White while replying to the announcement said that Connor had the money to retire. He further stated that he was retiring from fighting not from working so just calm down and relax you’ll still see plenty of him from the sidelines.

Many expect the Irish champ to return after negotiating a deal with the UFC and are waiting to see him in a fight very soon.

About Conor’s Retirement

The UFC champion was born on July 14, 1988, in Ireland. He started his MMA carrier in 2008 and won the cage warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Championships but turned them in to join the  UFC

.He is the highest paid pay per view MMA fighters and a prominent member of the SBG Ireland 

Conner McGregor has participated in a total of 25 MMA matches and won 21 of them. He’s won  18 matches by knockouts, one by submission and four by judge’s decisions. His agile and racketeering nature earned him the nickname the Notorious Mystic Mac 

In 2017 he debuted his boxing carrier by fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. Unfortunately, this turned out to be his first and last match. 

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