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4 Of the Most Educated Criminals of the 20th Century

When we usually think of criminals, we picture an unruly, illiterate and ill-mannered person. Well contrary to our beliefs some criminals are highly educated and well-mannered personalities. Here are 4 of the most educated criminals of the 20th century.

Most Educated Criminals of 20th Century

According to recent studies by independent agencies, the number of educated criminals is on the rise. The main reason behind this influx is the lack of relative jobs and in some incidences absences of proper infrastructure supporting those jobs.

Other factors like economic and financial need also play an essential role, the study listed. The police while concurring with the study have also reported an increase in the number of educated criminals who list economic and financial reasons as the main reason for committing the crime.

Here’s a list of 4 highly knowledgeable criminals

J. Reece Roth

Professor of the University of Tennessee Roth was found guilty of violating International Traffic in Arms Regulation, or ITAR by a federal jury when he allowed a group of foreign students to work on a top-secret project assigned to him by the USAF.

If that wasn’t criminal enough he often traveled abroad carrying sensitive information regarding the project. Roth maintained that his intentions were not to betray his county or jeopardize the safety of the armed forces

Chiman Rai

A professor of Mathematics at Alcorn State University appeared to be mild-mannered, boring,  fairly straight and narrow personality who went around minding his own business. Contrary to the beliefs of many the professor was a racist and strongly disapproved of his son’s marriage to a black woman.

He hired a hitman to kill her. In 2008 he was found guilty and jailed. 

John Donovan, Sr.

 This retired MIT professor was found guilty of falsely accusing his son of trying to kill him and having links with the Russian mob. It is strange for your parents to accuse you of being a criminal but it insane when they go to crazy lengths to prove they are right.

The professor staged an elaborate series of breaking and even shot himself to cement his claims

James H. Snook

James H Snook was the head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State, an inventor and gold medalist. He was found guilty of murdering a woman with whom he had a sexual affair and was sentenced to death.

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