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Deutsche Bank Downplays iPhone 8 Launch Expectations

The iPhone 8 rumors point to the fact that iPhone 8 may get delayed. No one can answer for sure when will we get to see iPhone 8.

Deutsche Bank Note on iPhone 8

The Deutsche Bank has shared a research note suggesting the device may not get released in 2017. The bank points to the different supply chain reports that it has gone through over time. The findings indicate that there is a shortage of critical components besides overwhelmingly technical challenges to overcome.

OLED Display

The smartphone industry experts believe Apple’s wish to produce an OLED display phone may pose additional problems. The new display will put more burden on the production facility to produce the screen in a short amount of time. However, a significant shift to a new type of display will mean finding the materials used for making the screen.

Besides the OLED display, there are iPhone-8 rumors of other problems too. Here is a look at the challenges that Apple might be facing during production.

Delay in Wireless Charging Possible

One rumor suggests that Apple is not able to fix the wireless charging problem. It means iPhone 8 may not get shipped with wireless charging feature in it. Apple wanted to create a differentiation which is it shifted from an aluminum body to fragile glass. However, without wireless charging available, Apple will not be able to live up to its promise. The transition to glass casing would almost lose its entire meaning to the end users.

Apple’s Struggle with 3D Camera Sensor

Deutsche Bank Downplays iPhone 8 Launch ExpectationsSome privy to the iPhone 8 development, blame the 3D camera sensor. They say that iPhone 8 will not become available on time due to the 3D camera sensor. 3D sensors have always been one of the hottest features that the smartphone has to offer. Insider sources say that Apple cannot make the 3D camera sensor work reliably.

Touch ID

Another iPhone 8 issue might be the Touch ID. The company, as per some sources, will have no choice but to integrate the Touch ID into the display. It will take a considerable effort and technology upgrade. However, this news comes as a sigh of relief for the consumers believing that Apple may remove Touch ID.

Rumors on Software Issues

There is also news about 3D software problems. Apparently, there is an issue of inclusion of the sensor into the phone. However, if Apple is not able to incorporate 3D software upgrades to iPhone 8 at launch, it can always provide an update on a later date.

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