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Donald Trump Gets Mocked for Postponing Denmark Visit Over Greenland

Through a tweet, the president of America Donald Trump announced that he would be postponing his visit to Denmark for two weeks. Shortly after this announcement, the people started mocking him for postponing the visit just because the Danish government refused to negotiate  Greenland’s sale.

Denmark Will Not Sell Greenland

For a long time, the United States has been trying to convince Denmark to sell Greenland to it, which it repeatedly refused. Just recently the US President Donald Trump showed interest in buying Greenland.

The Danish Priminister Mette Frederiksen while talking to the people media commented by saying that “the idea of selling Greenland to anyone let alone the US is absurd.” She further stated that the era of buying and selling countries was over and Greenland was an autonomous Danish territory belonging to the people of Greenland.

Shortly before his visit to the country, President Trump took to Twitter to inform everyone that he would not be embarking on his visit to Denmark due to the reactions of the Prime Minister.

After His Announcement, All Hell Broke Loose

The purpose of Trump’s visit was very clear from the beginning. He used the Danish queen’s invitation as an excuse to talk about Greenland’s sale. His refusal was a blatant disrespect to the queen, who was a non-political body.

Other jokingly proposed that  Greenland was not the only place Trump wanted to buy. The American real estate agent might have attempted to by Vancouver and Hong Kong from their current governing bodies. The response He received from them would have been similar in tone to the response he got from the Danish Prime Minister.

His Actions Are Very Insulting

Trump’s actions are a source of growing concern for many as they are very diminishing and defiling the dignity of the office he holds; at least this is what his opponents think.

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