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Earth Day 2017 and Google Doodle for It

Environment lovers across the world celebrated Earth Day 2017 on 22nd April 2017. Hence, everyone who wants to protect its environment comes together at this date.

People across the world celebrate the Earth Day mega event every year. As a result, one billion people celebrate this big day around the globe.

Most of all, over 200 countries around the world celebrate educational events, rallies, festivals to commemorate the Earth Day.

The Purpose of Earth Day 2017

Therefore, the Earth Day 2017 is no different from the ones already observed in the previous years. Hence, the idea is to encourage people to recycle, install renewable energy projects, and volunteer for greener projects.

The First Event

The first Earth Day was celebrated around five decades ago. The day was celebrated as a result of a devastating oil leak, considered as the tipping point for starting new environmental moments.

Paris Agreement

Over 196 countries around the world agreed to cut down their carbon emissions in 2016. As a result, they vowed to increase efforts for reducing global temperatures by 2°C to pre-industrial levels.

In conclusion, the US Ex-President Barrack Obama agreed to reduce carbon emissions in the United States by 26% over the next ten years.

Donald Trump and Earth Day

When it comes to Donald Trump, everything turns upside down. Therefore, celebrating the Earth Day is no different.

Seems like, Donald Trump openly criticized the initiatives taken to protect the environment. The US President passed an Executive Order to review the measures which consequently cease application of the order which ceased energy production from fossil fuels.

“With today’s executive action, I am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job-killing regulations. We’re ending the theft of American prosperity and rebuilding our beloved country. We’re bringing back those magnificent words ‘made in the USA.”

Google Doodle on Earth Day 2017

Google doodle especially created to celebrate the Earth Day 2017 is very relevant to the event. Therefore, the theme of the doodle revolves around an environmental conscious fox.

The narrative of Google doodle for the Earth Day 2017.

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