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All You Need to Know About FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

The world’s biggest sporting event is around the corner as FIFA World Cup 2018 is all set to kickstart on 14 June in Russia, the host country for the tournament. Hence, football lovers are going to remain glued to the TV screens for the whole one month from June 14 to June 15. Here is FIFA 2018 World Cup schedule for the fans so that they don’t miss even a single moment of the thrilling and exciting tournament.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

The first match of the tournament will take place between the host Russia and Saudi Arabia on June 14, at Luzhniki Stadium, Russia. And, final will take place between qualifying teams on 15 July at the same venue.

Group Stage

The 32 qualifying teams are divided into 8 groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Each of these groups has four teams in Each.

Here are the details about the groups.

Group A

  1. Russia
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Egypt
  4. Uruguay

Group B

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Morocco
  4. Iran

Group C

  1. France
  2. Australia
  3. Peru
  4. Denmark

Group D

  1. Argentina
  2. Iceland
  3. Croatia
  4. Nigeria

Group E

  1. Brazile
  2. Netherlands
  3. Cosa Rita
  4. Serbia

Group F

  1. Germany
  2. Mexico
  3. Sweden
  4. South Korea

Group G

  1. Belgium
  2. Panama
  3. Tunisia
  4. England

Group H

  1. Poland
  2. Senegal
  3. Colombia
  4. Japan

According to FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule, a total of 48 matches will be held at group stage that will end by 28 June. And, his will begin the Round of 16.

Knock-Out Rounds

First in the knock out rounds will be the round of 16, where winners and runners-up of each group will play with the winners and runners-up team of the group next to them. For example, the winners and runners-up for the group A will play matches with Winners and Runners-up of group B. And, same will go for the rest of the groups.

The last match of round 16 will take place on 3 July at Moscow, Otkritie.

8 teams will reach in quarterfinals that will start from 6 July and the first match will be held at Nizhny Novgorod. The semi-finals will take place on 10 and 11 July at Saint Petersburg and Moscow respectively. And, the qualifying teams will meet in final on 15 July at Luzhniki Stadium.

About Teams of 2018 FIFA World Cup

A look at FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule reveals fun-filled month for the football fans. But a sneak peek into competing teams makes the tournament more interesting. Iceland along with Panama has qualified for the world cup for the first time; hence it has become the smallest country in term of the population to play the tournament. This time three Nordic nations including Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden will play the world cup. Further four Arab countries that include Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia have qualified for the tournament.

Interestingly, some big names like Italy, Netherlands, United States, Chile, New Zealand and Cameroon have failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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