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Netflix’s First Kill Star Cast Talks About the Show’s Cancellation

The supernatural thriller show First Kill was released in June 2022, but for certain reasons, Netflix has shut it down. This means there won’t be more episodes or seasons of the show. Reportedly, the unsuccessful completion was due to a lack of viewership that wasn’t good enough for the business. The stars of the show addressed the fans and talked about the cancellation of the series.

The Plot of First Kill Might Have Thrown It Under the Bus

The show consists of only eight episodes, and the story revolves around teen Vampires. The main cast includes Sarah Catherine Hook, Aka Juliette in the front, who is supposed to kill a person to take her place in the family of powerful vampires. Her tussle of love and killing with a vampire hunter named Calliope (Imani Lewis) begins to get stronger.

Long story short, the storyline is based on the stereotypical supernatural and vampirism myth. Still, the show’s crux is similar to some top-rated shows, including The Vampire Diaries, the Originals, Teen Wolf and Shadow Hunters. In other words, the plot depicts vampires in conflict with hunters and love being an essential part between the monsters and their slayers.

So many people have watched TVD and other hits involving blood-sucking creatures that First Kill ranked a bit lower on viewers’ scale.

Why Netflix Canceled First Kill?

According to reports, the show First Kill didn’t meet the expected goal of viewership and popularity. Usually, Netflix shows get hits and become extremely popular in days. But, the first season of the cancelled series wasn’t much of a delight for the audience. It will be wrong to say that nobody loved it because it had a reasonable rate of traffic but not that much to keep it going.

Other than that, Netflix is probably not taking any chances to lower the rate of subscribers. Recently Netflix and Microsoft teamed up to introduce lower priced ad-supported subscription plan to increase viewership. Thus, cancelling the show might be a way to keep the users away from unwanted content.

Star Cast Shared Sentiments

The actor Dominic D. Goodman who played Apollo in First Kill confirmed the news that the show would no longer proceed with further instalments. Goodman thanked everyone for loving and accepting the show as their own. He also appreciated people for watching the show, which made the cast’s hard work worth it.

Star Sarah Catherine Hook thanked the fans in an Instagram post. She admired how people connected with her character, Juliette.

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