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Google Fires Writer of the Anti-Diversity Manifesto

Google is under all kinds of criticism this weekend. The Google anti-diversity manifesto soon became viral as it hit the headlines. The engineer behind the Google anti-diversity manifesto, James Damore is asked to leave the company. The company’s spokesperson, however, did not comment on the case of an individual employee.

The Explosive Contents of the Google Anti-Diversity Manifesto

The engineer questioned the company’s policies for maintaining employee diversity. However, besides forwarding the criticism, he also argued that the firm’s hiring was biased due to biological reasons. Therefore, he was caught confused if he had to blame Google or the biological factors.

A Strong Reaction from within Google

The memo has had a strong response from inside Google. Many in the Silicon Valley did not like the wording used in it. They did not like the mentioning of women shying away from stressful jobs since they become anxious.

The CEO of the company, Sundar Pichai stated that the reason for firing the engineer was ethics. Furthermore, he added that many parts of the memo did not align with company’s code of conduct. Also, he argued, such beliefs will only result in creating harmful stereotypes within the workplace. Despite this, he iterates that many of the points raised in the manifesto are valid.

Google Fires Writer of the Anti-Diversity ManifestoThe CEO further added that the memo is impacting the workers as they feel being judged based on their gender. Furthermore, he stated that the co-workers must not let this affect their confidence.

James Damore – The Employee Behind the Google Anti-Diversity Manifesto

The engineer James Damore, who wrote the Google anti-diversity manifesto has confirmed news outlets of him getting fired from the job. He had been working with the company since 2013. He believes that his manifesto is taken in the wrong context.

Furthermore, he states that he just wanted to start an open and honest discussion about gender bias. The engineer who was working on Google’s infrastructure in the Search Product believes he was illegally fired. He may choose to take a legal course of action against the company.

Complaint Registered with the N.L.R.B

The fired engineer James Damore said that he had filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. As per him, his report talks about the company and its upper management trying to silence him. He believes it would become difficult for Google to respond to it as it has been filed in N.L.R.B.

Google Hires New VP of Diversity

Google just appointed the new Vice President of Diversity, who previously worked as Heads of Diversity at Intel. The new VP of Diversity, Danielle Brown will be facing her first test of overcoming the anti-diversity manifesto floated by an employee of the company. A problem that many other businesses in the Silicon Valley are trying to overcome. In her first memo, she said that she and the company distance themselves from the anti-diversity memo.

A Look at Diversity Inside Google

Google has an online link where it openly discloses its diversity of employees within it. Here is a look at the figures to get an idea of where it needs to work more.

Overall Diversity in the Company


Around 69% men and 31% women work in the company.


The ethnicity of employees working in Google divide into the following.

  • White: 56%
  • Asian: 35%
  • Two or more races: 4%
  • Hispanic: 4%
  • Black: 2%
  • Other: Less than 1%.

Divide in the Management Roles

There is a more severe problem in the leadership roles. Here is the diversity of employees on the top of its management cadre.


There are 75% men and 25% women working in the leadership roles at Google.


Here is a look at the ethnicity of employees working in leadership roles.

  • White: 68%
  • Asian: 27%
  • Black: 2%
  • Two or more races: 2%
  • Hispanic: 2%
  • Other: less than 1%.

After having a glance at these figures, it is clear that Google needs to do a lot. The company may not have liked the anti-diversity manifesto. But still, there is room for improvement that can help improve the diversity within the organization.

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