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Hurricane Ophelia to Impact Parts of UK and Ireland

Ireland is already facing the torment of Hurricane Ophelia with high winds. Hurricane Ophelia is expected to hit parts of Great Britain with winds blowing at 80 miles per hour. The Met Office in the UK has given a warning that it poses a danger to life.

Impact of Hurricane Ophelia So Far

The Hurricane Ophelia is already unleashing mercilessly over Ireland. Authorities have closed schools, courts, and government buildings in Northern and other parts of Ireland.

Some Leftover to Get to Britain

The Britain’s west coast is expected to see some remnants of the Hurricane Ophelia. UK’s west coast has not seen such a massive hurricane since the Great Storm in 1987. The Great Storm of 1987 had claimed 18 lives.

Cancellation of Flights and Life Getting Impacted

Authorities in Manchester are not taking any chances. The Airport at Manchester has canceled 20 flights. Passengers have been warned to remain updated on flights’ status. Ireland is already braving through worst of the Hurricane Ophelia.

The authorities issue amber weather warning when there is a threat to life and property. Therefore, the forecasters give an advanced warning for the public to remain vigilant.

Hurricane Ophelia and Its Expected Path

Meteorologists expect Hurricane Ophelia to pass through northern England, Wales, and Scotland during Monday. They also forecast all these areas to see high winds. Some areas have received an amber warning while others have been given yellow warning.

Hurricane Ophelia to Impact Parts of UK & Ireland

The forecasters are saying that public should stay away from buildings with live debris. Similarly, they are warning of tiles potentially blowing off roofs. Likewise, in coastal areas, they expect significant waves impacting infrastructure, and roads nearby. Therefore, owners of sea property fronts must be careful.

Status Red in Ireland

There is a red alert issued in Ireland for various areas including Kerry, Cork, Clare, Mayo, and Galway. Around 1,000 troops are on standby to deal with any untoward situation. The storm is gradually developing into a post-tropical cyclone. However, the meteorologists still expect it to blow strong winds.

Besides closure of educational institutes, authorities have postponed court sittings and canceled ferry services. Weather forecasters are asking the public to stay away from roads and do not travel to coastal areas during the storm.

Many weather experts believe it is one of the most powerful storms ever on the eastern side of the Atlantic. The violent hurricane is expected to bring 2 to 3 inches of rain in western parts of Ireland & Scotland. The coastal areas may see flash flooding with destructive waves making landfall.

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