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Why Are Pakistan Team Players Not Playing IPL?

There are many reasons for Pakistan team players of cricket not playing IPL. For starters, it is the annoying attitude of the so-called biggest domestic cricket league towards them. From traveling ban in 2009 to not getting selected in the auction in 2008, it is the same story.

Do Pakistan Team Players Need to Play in IPL?

Yes, and No.

There are not many reasons for Pakistan team players of cricket to play IPL. There is one definite reason of getting the exposure of playing against India. If they do play in India, they do not have a fear of opposition. Since Pakistan team has many young players, the exposure to Indian Premier League will groom them. No IPL cricket news suggests that they would get a chance. Therefore, it is difficult to say if there will be any IPL players from Pakistan.

But Why Do Pakistan Players Not Need to Play Indian Premier League?

Well, you can come up with so many reasons that why they do not need to play in the IPL.

Here are some reasons.

So Many Other Leagues to Consider

There are so many domestic cricketing leagues that Pakistan team players can consider now. For example, the recent inclusion of Shaheen Afridi in BPL speaks volumes about the dearth in availability of talented fast bowlers. Therefore, the young domestic players of the country quickly get considered by many other cricketing leagues. Thus, they are not dependent on any particular association to earn the livelihood from this game. They can join any league based on their raw ability to impress the selectors  

Why Are Pakistan Team Players Not Playing IPL?

Play with Dignity and Respect

Pakistan team players know that the respect of their country comes above everything else. So, they do not feel the urge to sacrifice their own and their country’s dignity to earn few hundred thousand dollars each year. Country comes first for any patriotic cricket player. So they know their worth, and they can find other tournaments that invite them with dignity. Therefore, there is no need to get desperate and try to join a league when they have so many different options to consider.

PSL – The Biggest of All Reasons

Yes, you have heard it right. Despite skeptics not giving PSL credit in the beginning and being suspicious about its success, it is rewriting the history of cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan team players can now join any of the domestic teams based on their ability to impress with the bat or ball. There are so many shining examples of cricketers rising from the PSL cricket who were nobody before the Pakistan Super League. One example is Hassan Ali who did not only impress in PSL but also otherwise in international matches. So, Pakistan team players can impress in PSL; they do not need to find other avenues to impress selectors when they can make their mark in Pakistan Super League.

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