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ICC Demolishes Big Three Monopoly Setup

ICC (International Cricket Council) decided to revise the ICC constitution. The changes are expected to roll back the so-called big-three system which was criticized by many cricketing nations. The idea is to ensure equality among the cricket playing nations.

Unjust Financial Distribution of ICC

The current financial distribution of International Cricket Council is considered unfair by cricket playing nations other than the big three. International Cricket Council agreed to improve the current international cricket structures. The cricket governing body also decided to the persistent use of the DRS (Decision Review System).

Two principle decisions made by ICC on financial resources distribution include the following.

  • The revised constitution of the ICC which delivers better governance, clearly laying out the roles and objectives of the body, providing a visionary leadership to cricket world over.
  • The idea behind the revised financial distribution is to make the resources distributed on an equitable basis.

Future Vision of ICC for World Cricket

International Cricket Council wants to accomplish the following goals.

  • To add the new full members of the ICC including Ireland and Afghanistan if they meet the desired criteria.
  • To get rid of the Affiliate Level of Memberships. ICC will only offer two types of memberships; Full Member and Associate Member.
  • The introduction of new Membership criteria and the establishment of a new membership Committee.
  • To introduce a new independent female director to the International Cricket Council.
  • To give equal weight to all the votes regardless of the status that a member has in ICC.
  • All the members will be required to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Change in International Cricket Structure

ICC also wants to make significant changes to the International Cricket Structure. Let us have a look at the summary of the changes CC intends to introduce to the International Cricket Structure.

  • There will be a total of 9 test teams. International Cricket Council will maintain this change for a two years’ time period.
  • Remaining three teams will have to play against all other teams with a confirmed test match schedule.
  • The ODI league will have 13 teams in it for three years, qualifying for the ICC World Cricket 2023.
  • To develop new regional T20 structures for qualification of the ICC World T20.
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