Karachi University Clerk Caught Redhanded Taking Bribe


A Karachi University Clerk of International Relations Department was caught on videotape openly taking a bribe from the institute’s students.

A female student of Karachi University is apparently trying to get the conveyance facility offered by the Institute. She is asking why the clerk is asking for the extra PKR 100. The clerk is not able to give any logical reason. She also asks to show her the document or regulation where these extra charges are mentioned.

Failed Logic and Aggression

After getting no satisfactory answer, the female student asks the clerk to write down that he is collecting those charges. In response, he is handing over all the documents in his hand to the female student telling her to report to anyone including the DC of Karachi. He said that she should tell them that he will not give her conveyance. So she can do whatever she wants to do.

At one point he got so infuriated that he said you could go to the Chairman (he did not mention which Chairman, but probably he was referring to the Karachi University’s VC), to go to him and tell him the clerk is not approving her request.

The female asked her what the reason for his denial was; he said he wouldn’t accept it without giving any reason. She then asked him to sign the document upon which he said he wouldn’t sign the document. She said she would give him PKR 100. In his reply, he again asked her to go to the Chairman and get it approved by him. He asked her not to give back that document to him as he didn’t need it. He kept saying to the girl,

“Alright, OK, just go to the Chairman and ask him to approve it for you.”

A man sitting in front of this corrupt Karachi University transport clerk also tried to calm him down by bringing in a reference. To which this corrupt Karachi University transport clerk said that once the lady that referred her to him comes, he will approve the document. He kept arguing with the two people in front of him who were trying to calm him down.

Corruption in Pakistan Omnipresent

Pakistan’s institutes are full of corruption scandals. The government must find ways on how to stop corruption in Pakistan and become a better place for ordinary citizens. It is the job of the accountability institutions of the country to make sure that such corrupt elements are brought to justice and made an example for others.