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Gulf of Mexico Fire Memes Show What Humans Are Doing to This Planet

The viral video of a fire that erupted from the ocean in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico resulted in hilarious memes. Social media users dubbed it “eye of fire” due to its unique shape. According to reports, state-owned oil company Pemex said the fire was caused by underwater pipeline leakage. This line was connected with the platform of Ku Maloob Zaap, one of Pemex’s flagship oil fields. 40% of the company’s daily production of crude oil comes from here. According to Pemex, Ku Maloob Zaap’s turbomachinery at production facilities was damaged by heavy rains and electrical storms. The company reported no injuries and said that their production is also not affected. It assured to investigate further about the cause of the fire and what exactly was burning on the ocean’s surface. However, the internet was quick to pitch in and presented their thoughts in the form of Gulf of Mexico fire memes that have going viral.

Some had genuine concerns about the rampant human activity, that challenged nature constantly despite getting disastrous responses. Offshore drilling has caused countless disasters each year and they are constantly releasing pollutants into the water and air.

The Best of Gulf of Mexico Fire Memes

The world has grown used to such things happening frequently that they start to make memes instead of bothering anymore. One of the most viral Gulf of Mexico fire memes shows Godzilla coming off the ring of fire.

Another Cashing Opportunity for Hollywood

Speaking of Godzilla, Hollywood thrives on disaster movies that show humans dealing with a calamity. Most of the times in movies, humans are shown as heroic figures who fight against monsters with success. However, in reality, the monster is actually human itself, who have implanted various flawed systems intertwined with each other, to justify industrialization. Therefore, folks started to troll Hollywood biggies if their next project was going to be this.

Recently, Hollywood also tried to monetize the 2019 Christchurch shooting in New Zealand. According to the reports, the producer has quit the film titled “They Are Us” after heavy criticism.

Efforts to Put Out the Fire

The rescue efforts after a disaster are usually pathetic which is why Hollywood’s illusion of heroism is funny. It was alarming for many that after all the advancements humans are so proud of, they are still lacking many technologies. A popular theory is that a dome could be placed on the fire to deprive it of oxygen but practically it seems difficult. Still, it did not stop the netizens from making Gulf of Mexico fire memes on firefighting efforts. According to reports, they used nitrogen to put out the fire.

Are You Even Trying?

Some even pointed out how workers were trying to put out the fire from a very safe distance. One was so far away that even the drops of its sprinkles were unable to reach the fire. Reportedly it took more than 5 hours to extinguish the fire.

There’s a Fine Line Between Development and Destruction

It is evident that if humans do not stop offshore drilling for oil then such disasters will continue to happen. Even though no causality was reported as the company said, the environment still suffered. Where the issue of climate change is haunting the public, the companies and governments continue to burn fossil fuels relentlessly. Furthermore, the systems in place worsen the impact on the environment, which invites mocking criticism like these Gulf of Mexico fire memes. This reminded the people about the Suez Canal incident memes after a large container ship tried to cross a narrow canal and got stuck. It cost more than 54 billion USD loss to the global trade.

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