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Here are Some Funny Memes on Internet Outage in Pakistan

Social media users have been sharing hilarious memes after a widespread internet outage in Pakistan. According to reports, the internet went offline in various parts of the country on Friday morning. Both wireless and cellular connectivity was down, causing panic among the public. Those who had access to the internet, received very poor speed, making it difficult to do anything productive. However, some found a way to pass the time and vent their frustration at the condition of internet in Pakistan.

Internet Outage in Pakistan Disrupts Life

Internet is etched in the 21st century human’s life to a level beyond imagination. It has become the primary source of information, entertainment, communication, and income for many. Even a nano-second of problem is unacceptable due to this dependency on internet. So one can only imagine how a person would feel after getting deprived of the service for few hours. Some have shared representations of thier feelings after spending all this time without internet.

What Was the Cause?

The reason was initially unclear which led many to restart their phones again and again to check what the hell happened to wi-fi and 4G at the same time. However, amid the memes, state-run PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) issued a statement proving that the users’ phones were fine. The company reported that its underwater cables were facing some sort of technical faults due to rains and floods. This issue caused internet outage in Pakistan, mostly for users in North and Central regions. After 5 hours of its announced, the company said that the services were restored. So, as many memes suggest, a shark did not eat cables this time. The meme was meant as a reference to poor management of PTCL that was unable to protect the underground cables from natural events.

Got Lemons? Make Lemonade

It seemed like internet outage in Pakistan was probably good for one thing. While waiting for the services to come back, many users may have given the dinosaur game a try. The browser game developed by Google pops up whenever internet is facing some issue. It involves controlling a retro dinosaur and help it cross obstacles by jumping around on a 2D platform. Many might be familiar with it since it allows the opportunity to stay clam while the connection returns. As it was taking too long for PTCL to fix internet, many may have mastered this game by now.

Something Was Working

As per some users on social media, one service provider had a little bit of internet left. They claimed that Jazz was slowly working while all other networks went down with PTCL. As all service provider use PTCL’s equipment to operate in Pakistan, a little in problem here can have a domino effect on all others. It was not clear how Jazz was still working for some users but it surely gave them a reason to gloat.

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