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What Next for Jose Mourinho after Tottenham Sacks Him?

Tottenham Hotspur, a professional English football club recently dismissed Jose Mourinho who served as a manager for 17 months. The decision was taken due to certain reasons, reportedly. Besides, the news has turned out to be shocking for many of Jose’s admirers. They have been wondering why the dismissal decision took place after the announcement of the club’s plan to launch a breakaway European Super League. Other than that, the most important question is that what Jose is planning to do next with his career. There has been a duplicity of assumptions regarding what he might choose to do next in the sports field. 

Why was Jose Mourinho Sacked?

Tottenham Hotspurs have been performing poorly as it won only five matches, lost seven, and drew two out of fourteen premier league games. Also, it said goodbye to the FA Cup after losing the game to Everton FC. All in all, the Europe league was also not much satisfactory for the club. 

After getting defeated in Zagreb, the Hotspur’s skipper, Hugo Lloris stated that the unity that kept the club at its best was now lost. Thus, given the poor performance of the club in the fields, the authorities saw no sign of any improvement and decided of letting Jose Mourinho along with his coaching staff go. 

Footballers Expressing their Love

This isn’t the first time for the popular Portuguese manager to leave a football club and his admirers then standing up for him. Previously, when Manchester United Sacked Jose Mourinho, people showed him great support. Now that Jose’s journey as a manager and a coach is on the finish line, the footballers and people he had a connection with, have expressed their gratitude. Harry Kane, Tottenham’s footballer thanked Mourinho on social media and wished him good luck for the upcoming milestones. 

Son Heung-min, a South Korean footballer who plays for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur as a forward, also expressed how he felt about the manager’s departure from the club. He also wished his luck for the future goals.

Mourinho Has No Intentions to Stop  

In 2019, Jose Mourinho joined Tottenham as he replaced Mauricio Pochettino and became the head coach. After seventeen months, he concluded his journey as a manager at Spurs. Now, many are curious about the next steps of the hotspur’s former coach. 

After the decision of relieving him from his duties, he smiled during an impromptu interview near his car and stated that he was not going to take a break from football. He also shared a short video on Instagram of him facing the cameras.

Furthermore, several football fans and those who are aware of Jose Mourinho’s current situation, are assuming what will he choose next as his job. For instance, a few suppositions claim that he might join the Olympique Lyonnais, a French football club since it has shown interest in hiring him. 

Also, Mourinho had worked at Sky Sports as a Pundit in 2018 and he admired working there. Therefore, some of his fans think that he might go back to the studio and enjoy the viewership as he did before. 

Lastly, the most unlikely possibility is the retirement plan, which Jose has already rejected as he said, he will not take a break from football. However, some are assuming that after being sacked by Tottenham Hotspur, retirement is something that the ex-manager might consider enjoying the earned fame and money for the rest of his life.

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