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Juan Guaido Vowes to Continue Protests until Maduro Resigns

America and allies backed interim president Juan Guido has vowed for continued protests until Madero, and his regime resign. In numerous videos and tweets, he called upon his supporter to take to the streets in protest.

Masses Have Taken To The Streets In Support Of Juan Guaido

Thousands have taken to the streets after opposition leader Juan Guido’s called for a mass protest as part of his operation liberation to get rid of Maduro and his regime. Opposition in Venezuela thinks Meduro to be responsible for the deplorable state of the country.

The government in an attempt to restore law and order deployed the military and riot police. This further escalated the situation and resulted in clashes with  the security forces. A large number of protesters have been arrested as a result of brutal crackdown operation. According to media reports at least 46 protesters have been injured and one 27-year-old female shot dead.

Activist in favor of Guaido present outside  Venezuela have also taken to the streets in protest to show their solidarity with the people.

How Effective Are the Mass Protests in Venezuela

In a repeated series of tweets, the opposition’s leader urged people to take to the streets.  He called upon more military defectors and government employees to join him in an attempt to increase pressure on the government and force Maduro to resign.

According to experts, the American backed opposition leader will only be successful if he manages to convince and convert a majority or all the governmental employees. this conversion will jam all administrative operation which will result in Maduro’s government getting overthrown.

Looking at the current condition and situation of the country this seems to be an impossible task as no one wants to risk losing his or her economic stability. Furthermore, Maduro has made it very clear anyone who leaves his post to take part in any kind of anti-governmental action will lose their job and may even face prosecution.

International Reaction to the Protest

The situation in Venezuela is increasing tension between the US and Russia. The US along with its allies supports the Juan while countries like Russia and China support the Maduro regime. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a press statement stated that the US is looking into a possible military intervention if required.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in response to this statement said the US intervention in the country has already destabilized the country. Military intervention will further cause the situation to deteriorate apart from being a violation of international law.

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