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How Junk Food Affects Your Brain Functioning?

There many factors which ensure proper functioning of a healthy brain. The eating of junk food can severely impact your brain functioning.

Hippocampus consumes a lot of junk food. Hippocampus is that intelligent part through which we memorize, learn, and improve our brain’s health.

A Study in Australia

There was a study conducted in Australia on senior citizens between ages of 60 and 64 relating to their mental capabilities, taking into account different factors including diet. The researchers were testing factors’ impacting the performance of the hippocampus. The study concluded that increased consumption of junk food keeps the left hippocampus smaller, yet it is bigger in those individuals who have a nutrient-rich diet.

How Does Junk Food Affect the Mind?

There are several ways how junk food impacts your mental health.

Brain Damage

When we consume fast food, it does not provide our mind with the nutrients it needs. Similarly, it fails to deliver what our body requires for functioning healthily. However, if we consume olive oil or fish or other healthy things, it would help improve brain functioning. Such healthy eatables also help reduce the risk of dangerous mental illnesses like dementia. However, the use of low-quality fast food deprives the mind of the essential nutrients, hence resulting in brain damage.

How Junk Food Affects Your Brain FunctioningMental Health Disorders

The multinational companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to come with junk food that tantalizes our taste buds. So, by consuming it, our brain starts sending disrupting signals, giving us the false feeling of happiness. Research shows that it may result in us not consuming the right food with the required nutrients good for our health. Therefore, by eating it, we may develop conditions like depression, anxiousness, schizophrenia, or even ADHD.

Impaired Brain Functioning

Our mind has to produce healthy synapses to help us memorize and learn. However, the consumption of calories in junk food fail to deliver healthy synapses. The continuous use of meals loaded with calories, typically in fast food, can impact our ability to learn and memorize. Synapses are responsible for connecting neurons and helping brain functioning in other ways.

Increase in Chances of Becoming Depressed

Burgers, fries, and pizzas increase our risk of going into a depression. The consumption of such things can result in damaging our overall health. Thus, unhealthy eating also contributes to a reduction in brain functioning. It may not necessarily be one of the leading reasons for depressions. However, researchers concluded that it does play a significant role. Since, eating junk deprives us of fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish, and nuts.

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