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Jurassic World 3 Will Feature the Original Trio and Fans Are Excited

 Colin Trevorrow while speaking at a screening on Tuesday night, confirmed the return of the original Jurassic park trio in the Jurassic world 3 movie. Fans are over the moon after hearing this.

Jurassic World 3 Marks The Return Of The Original Trio

The Jurassic Park series which have been renamed Jurassic world now is one of the most iconic and hit films series of its time. It put dinosaurs on the map of the world and familiarized every child with the extinct reptilians. It inspired so many to become paleontologists

After hearing about the return of the original Jurassic trio Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum fans are so excited

Keep The Standard

The original Jurassic Park series has been directed by Steven Spielberg who is known for making outstanding and very innovative movies. He is often regarded as a perfectionist. Unlike the recent remakes of the film, the original Jurassic Park movies were loved by everyone. So it’s only natural for fans to demand that Jurassic world 3 maintains the original standards.

Unlike the previous parts of the Jurassic world where Jeff Goldblum gave a guest appearance the latest part will feature the original Jurassic park trio with decent screen time to entertain their loving fans.

When compared to the original Jurassic Park movies series the latest series have not been able to muster a fan following on a similar scale. The level of hatred some people harbor against the new series is amazing.

Make New Movies And Stop With The Remakes

Over the recent year its seams Hollywood has been undergoing what can only be described as a movies remakes of the worst kind. Different production houses have released remakes of old classics or are planning on producing a remake of an old classics the result of which has not been good in most cases. People are requesting them to  leave the old classics and make new movies as they have gotten bored

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