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If Modi is Elvis than I am Jennifer Lopez says, Congress Spokesperson

In an attempt to mock the Narinder Modi lead government the congress spokesperson Sanjay Jah unintentionally equated himself to Jennifer Lopez and ended up making inviting trolls.

Not Again Sanjay Jah

This isn’t the first time the congress spokesperson accidentally referred himself with the opposite gender.

We all agree that, being humans, we at times say some of the most insane things to degrade others and end up paying big time. Such mistakes can be due to a rush of emotions, or just the slip of tong.

A Question that They Eagerly Wanted to Ask Him

 It’s an understood thing that with time the body’s immunity weakens. So it’s recommended that you increase your workout routine to keep yourself active and maintain strong immunity. Folks were advising him to better concentrate on a healthy diet than calling himself, Jennifer Lopez.

Others in response to the insane statement the congress spokesperson gave him a taste of his own medicine and might I say it was funny as hell.

After hearing what Sanjay Jah said Jennifer must be ticked and off the rails flaming for revenge.

Nobody knows you

The Hollywood star has one of the largest fan following in the world while on the other hand Sanjay despite having such an impressive resume and having headed so many famous companies that have made some of the most remarkable breakthroughs nobody knows you.

Looking at all the achievements Jennifer has made and the hefty bank balance she has made Sanjay was advised to retire so that he didn’t need to make such mistakes anymore.

People are requesting a go fund account be made on Twitter to collect funds to perform a sex transplant operation for him.

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