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Is La Casa De Papel South Korean Remake Going to be Same?

La Casa De Papel, or Money Heist, a Spanish Netflix series, is believed to be one of the top seasons with a huge number of fans. The show ended in December and put an end to the popular heists. Now, the streaming platform has released a teaser of its South Korean version. The short preview revealed a few things specifying the plot of the show. The wonderment here is that the new K-drama will follow the same story as the Spanish version or add some spices into it. Also, a big question mark is on the show’s popularity since the characters, especially “The Professor”, were an outstanding fit for the show, and coping with that might not be a piece of cake. The reason is probably the attraction of viewers towards the Honey Heist is unreal.

La Casa De Papel Teaser

According to the teaser of La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, the show will make the fans relive the experience of watching the Spanish version. The preview revealed the leading characters, including the professor, Woo Jin, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Denver, Nairobi, Rio, Helsinki, and Oslo. At the beginning of the preview, the scene reveals the professor picking up a mask, hinting that a heist will happen in Korea soon.

Since Netflix has released the teaser, people can count on the show’s arrival. However, no official release date has been disclosed.

Is the Story Identical?

The trailer of La Casa De Papel predicts that starting of the series will be a lot like a Spanish money heist. The professor will gather the team to unleash its criminal mastermind to go for the biggest heists. However, it seems like the story will most likely revolve around the professor, making it a Professor Spin-off season. In this regard, the show’s plot might be different. Money heist has been a big franchise in terms of popularity and ratings. Before the announcement of the imminent south Korean show, Money Heist Berlin Spin-off series teaser was released that announced drama’s arrival in 2023. This might mean that the story is not over yet, and fans will probably watch more versions of the drama.

Fans’ Reaction to the Teaser

Many enthusiasts are excited to Know that a whole new version of Money heist is coming. They took it to social media to express their admiration towards the Korean remake of La Casa De Papel. The remake will be a blast for many, and they are just eager to watch it.

Several posted on social media accounts about their anxiety regarding the spoilers since they don’t want any. This is also funny because the series is a remake, and the story will probably be somewhat similar.

As for the Korean fans, the show will be a delight as they will be watching it in their native language.

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