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Lady Colin Campbell Takes The Heat For Defending Royals

Lady Colin Campbell is getting gunned for defending a member of the royal family who had been inducted in the famous Jeffery Epstein case while appearing on the good morning show hosted by Morgan Piers. After what the lady had to say, the people couldn’t stop themselves from jeering at her.

Lady Colin Campbell under Fire

Lady Colin Campbell, well-known British journalist, and a solicitor while talking about the Jeffery Epstein case and the indictment of Prince Andrew of the Royal family over child abuse and exploitation, said,” the media has mispresented verdict of the case. The Prince was indicted for soliciting prostitution and not pedophilia; there’s a difference between the two.”

In response the morning show host, Morgan Piers argued that the youngest victim involved was 14 years old, so it’s not wrong to say that the Prince was indicted on charges of pedophilia. 

Now it’s true that girls young as 12 have been found involved in prostitution in America and Mexico. The people who get caught in the mix with these children are normally indicted under child prostitution charges and not pedophilia as it’s a totally different domain under American law.

Folks Are Going Hay Wire

People after hearing what lady Campbell had to say questioned the integrity and moral standards to which the British society had stooped to.

Lord Help Us

 Lady Campbell had always been a strong critic of Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, and a huge supporter of the royal family. She has even authored multiple books regarding the royal family, including a biography on Princess of Dianna. To see such garbage coming out of the mouth of a lady with such impeccable credentials is surprising.

It’s often said that with friends who act in nature as your enemies who needs foes. I guess this statement holds true in the case of Lady Campbell.

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