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Lenovo Foldable Laptop Announced

The new Lenovo foldable laptop offers a bendable display. The use of advanced materials makes Lenovo foldable laptop a possibility.

Unveiling of the Lenovo Foldable Laptop

On Tuesday, Lenovo showcased its foldable laptop at its “Lenovo Transform” event held in New York. The company claims the laptop exhibits the technologies that future offers for us. There is no hinge as in the case of the laptops manufactured in routine. The Lenovo foldable laptop is made of plastic and folds like paper. The device has a color display.

Christian Teismann, the Senior Vice President of Lenovo’s Commercial Business first gave the audiences a tour of the Lenovo’s laptop products. Then, he unveiled the new Lenovo foldable laptop.

Some Specifications and Details on the New Lenovo Foldable Laptop

Lenovo Foldable Laptop AnnouncedThe rumors and overall layout of the laptop in pictures suggest it may not have a mouse for input. Instead, it might rely on voice commands for inputs. The Lenovo foldable laptop also features a stylus for you to write on the device. The new screens will be bendable to only an extent as per the details made available.

OLED Display

There are no details available about the technology of the screen. However, currently, OLED supports this kind of foldable display. Foldable displays may have large screens and look different from the pictures shared. There is no functioning prototype of this device available to the media so far. However, it may become available shortly.

Previously Made Lenovo Foldable Laptop

Lenovo has created a similar foldable laptop in the past as well. Although, the first prototype was smaller that users could fit around their waste. LG is one other company which introduced the LG Flex with a foldable display. Samsung and LG are working on perfecting the technology of foldable displays. Samsung is expected to come up with foldable display devices by 2019.

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Display

Samsung may release one device with the name of Galaxy X in 2017. There are no confirmed reports of when this device will become available. However, it may take more time since it is not an easy technology to master.

Some reports also suggest that Samsung placed orders for components of a foldable Galaxy X display. The company as per some industry source first wants to unveil the phone on a limited scale. Therefore, Samsung may not go full-scale production with its Galaxy X model if it remains unsure about its success.

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